Rosa the Calico Neko PART 2

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(Sorry this took so frickin long!!!)

(Y/n) POV

I squeaked as I waited at the train station. Blaze was spinning around, singing something about..... Frogs?
My mom patted my head with a laugh. "It's only for the weekend but you're really excited." She said and I nodded quickly.
Rosa was the only one who understood me for two years. Of course I was excited!

About 10 minutes later the train pulled up and people began to pour out. And the last of them was a girl with Orange hair and black streaks. Two orange and black ears that matched the swishing cat tail. She looked around before spotting me. I squealed and ran up and full forced attacked her. Rosa being used to this laughed and caught me while spinning to keep from falling. "I missed you too!!!" She laughed and Blaze ran up with a laugh. "Rosey!!" She squeaked and I let go of Rosa, so she could bend down and hug my sister. She was family to us all. She was a (l/n) no matter what.

We got home and I was latched onto her arm. I couldn't help it.... I missed her so much. "You'll get to meet my wonderful boyfriend and my best friends!" I laughed as we walked into my room and she threw her bag into a corner. "Yup and I get to tell your boyfriend there are rules!" She said with hands on her hips. "I haven't handed you away yet so there's rules!" She hisses and I roll my eyes. "Calm your nerves girly." I giggled and she smiled.

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