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Six months later

"Never were there three more beautiful women in all of the world."

I giggle when Pedro tickles my ribs before turning to spin my mom around and then do the same to Octavia. He's exuberant as he dances around my bedroom in his glittering blue suit with his black hair slicked back. His smile warms my heart no matter what's going on around me, but right now it makes me want to burst with excitement. Mom and Octavia join in on his dancing and twirling in their ball gowns, their hair whipping around their shoulders.

It's been six months since we narrowly dodged the end of the world, and every day since then has been filled with love and laughter. No longer will we let a single moment go by that we don't live to the fullest because honestly, you can never know what tomorrow will hold, so we make each and every moment count.

I hop off of my vanity bench, careful not to step on the bottom of my deep purple gown. It's a shiny silk that drapes across my body like its liquid. The top has a daring plunging neckline with golden beads and diamonds across the bust. Pedro designed it himself or me to wear for this very occasion.

"You'll go down in the history books as the most fashion forward queen there ever was." He'd chuckled when he'd shown me the sketches.

Pedro is beyond happy to be back to only having to worry over making sure my hair and outfits look fabulous and being around to gossip and be carefree with. He'll be the first to say how much he does not miss being King. "It aged me." He likes to say dramatically, hand draped over his forehead and all. "Thank god I was demoted."

"Dance with me, my little Queen." He calls, holding out his hand and I take it happily, letting him twirl me around the room too.

When the knock on the door comes we all squeal like it isn't exactly on time.

"Here we go!" Pedro cheers, going to open the door.

Mathew appears in the doorway and Pedro smiles from ear to ear as he leans in to kiss him. Before his lips meet his though he sighs, shaking his head. "Oh, Mathew, where would you be without me?" Pedro chuckles and he fixes Mathew's bowtie, straightening it out for him.

"In bed in my pajamas watching this on TV instead of being drug to a party." He laughs, then looks over at me and blushes a little. "No offense." He adds to me.

I laugh as Pedro gives him a quick peck. "Oh hush, this is going to be great." He pulls him away, the door almost closing all the way before Logan sticks his hand in to catch it.

"Are we decent?" He asks, covering his eyes.

I smile as I run over to him and hold my hands over his crystal eyes and lead him into the room. "Oh, we are more than decent." I giggle. "Check out this hottie!"

I uncover his eyes and he holds a hand to his chest as he takes in the sight of Octavia. "How do you do that?" He asks her and she tilts her head, her curls falling down her bare shoulder.

"Do what?" She asks carefully.

"Manage to get more beautiful every time I look at you."

They practically start making out until mom and me start laughing and then finally separate with less than guilty smiles. Logan holds out his arm to her and she loops hers through it without hesitation. "Let's party!" Octavia giggles and Logan looks back at me.

"You look amazing too, Rosebud. I'm so proud of you."

"I love you." I rush over to hug them both.

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