Chapter Forty Three.

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Two days.

Forty eight hours.

2,880 minutes.

The time ticks by, slow, dragging, painfully.

When this all began, I was no one. I was just a weird girl who no one understood.

I was a simple human living with a strange family, hiding my secret visions from the world. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday, other times it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I was just Rose then. I hated it. I wanted more, wanted to be more, see more, I just wanted more.

If I'd only known what more was, maybe I'd have chosen to stay home. Live out what was left of my life without the fear, the pain, the weight of my people's lives...I could have just been Rose. I could be at home right this minute. Maybe I'd be out for a ride on Kingsly, or maybe me, Mom, Dad, Octavia, and Logan would all be sitting around the dining room table, laughing at how Octavia overcooked the pastries.

Wouldn't that have been easier?

Not knowing already what was coming?

We could have lived out the rest of our lives in the false happiness of our little bubble we lived in. Maybe the Doctor's plan wouldn't have involved any of us. Maybe Logan would be safe right now, Dalton would be ok...The end of the world could have crept up and taken us all within a blink.

But that's not what happened.

I wanted more.

That's what I got.

More than I can handle.

More than I ever wanted.


The funny thing is I still want more.

More time.

The one thing we've got no more of.

172,800 seconds ago I saw our end.

2,880 minutes ago I had to come to terms with it. I had to accept what is true, and I had to bring the truth to the others. I had to crush the hopes of everyone I have left that mean anything to me. I had to be the dreaded bearer of bad news.

Sorry guys, doesn't matter what we do. We won't win. We will die.

Forty eight hours ago I had to go in front of my people. I had to tell the truth. What's left anyway? When you're face to face with the end, might as well go out as an honest person, right?

Apparently so.

Two days ago, after making a desperate message to all of my people, and Caster's too, my people stepped up, the same way I'd had too. They've seen too much. The attacks have gotten worse and more frequent. It wasn't hard for them to believe that this was finally the real thing. The invincible lives of the undead, are in fact not so invincible. In fact, they're fragile these days. Hundreds of thousands have come to back us, which I knew they would. Dad had been right. Casters are outraged by what's happened here, but we all know there isn't anything to do about it now. No one wants to go out as a coward, so together we all stand.

History will never remember me.

I'll be the queen that won't be remembered, and maybe that's not so bad. Who really wants to be known as the queen who ushered in the end of times?

But it's not just me that no one will know about.

No one will know of the strong Prince who went against his people and his father's wishes in the name of true love. No one will remember the scared human girl who against all odds not only managed to survive this world, but managed to win the heart of that prince. No one will remember the loveable man who filled his spot so that love could conquer all. No one will remember the man who stood up to love a child that wasn't his. No one will remember the woman who dared to love this human man despite the obstacles in their way. No one will be left to recall the young hand of the King who started out as nothing more than an orphaned blood slave that through strength of heart managed to pull himself up and reach the highest position possible and take the heart of a queen.

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