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John's POV

He is so infuriating. I just cant stand him at the moment. With his witty comments and the way he smirks thinking he knows better.I meant who does he think he his just because he's rich doesn't mean he can go around insulting my choices.

I mean right now we are inside the batcave with no one around as a very angry Damian is Yelling at me."Your so annoying Kent.You are literally just a distraction to people!"He yelled as I was brought back from my thought.

Why Damian was yelling at him you ask was because I accidentally 'distracted' him somehow when we were checking something out.

Damian was so close to pushing me over the edge with all of he stuff he's said so far everythingis hurtful but i dont show it much.

"THAT'S IT WAYNE WOULD YOU STOP TELLING AT ME!" I yelled at him wih steam practically coming out of my ears as I started firing lasers out of my eyes enthralled with rage that I didn't acknowledge what I was doing as I kept firing at him.

"JUST BECAUSE YOUR RICH DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN GO AROUND HAVING A GO AT PEOPLE AND MAKING THEM FEEL USELESS."I continued as he kept on dodging the lasers with a slight hurt look on his face but as he carried on dodging.His moves were still going on smoothly.

"AT LEAST I CAN AFFORD NEW CLOTHES"He yelled back trying to keep his cool aswell as it looks like it.He had his hand clenched tightly together as I could hear his nails digging into his Palm.

We kept going on and on like a tennis match for what seemed like forever.As we were both fuming neither of us willing to back down from the fight.


He stopped.He slowly took off hid mask as his eyes started tearing up.He quickly turned away.

"DAMIAN WAIT!"I yelled.But was completely blanks as he carried on running, As he ran to his motorcycle as he went off outside. A few moments later i had realised my mistakrI know I should follow him and apologise but i was told that I need to give someone space before I try to talk to them..I hope he forgives me..

Damian's POV

I can believe he said that.He knows that my parents are a sore subject as neither of them are good at parenting to be honest and they both wanted to plan out my future.My eyes were wateringas I ran away and got on my motorbike and sped away.

After a while I stopped in an alley way as I hid my bike.As I walked away to do some patrolling.jumping from building to building and I know I'm not in the right mind set to do this but i have to.I need something to get my mind off of what John said.I though he was my friend...

But friends Don't hurt their friends.I love the boy to bits but he can have a short temper at times as i was the one who unintentionally started it as i ended up hurt the most.I gently lowered myself to the floor as I sat on he roof looking out a the scenery as I looked over Gotham knowig that after a while this place isn't as bad as it seems it just depends on the decisions you make.good or bad.hero or villain. I felt a small prick in my neck as my eyes slowly open and close as my head hit the floor with a bang as my while body collapsed as I finally lost consciousness.

A slight plot twist.A bit short but i will publish a part 2 as soon as I can as I have been on a kinda unannounced break I apologise.

Sincerly me,
Lord of Insanity

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