chapter twenty

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Hufflepuff house was welcoming and didn't feel the need to gossip or chatter about the fact that many of us were in different houses. I sat at the table with Hazel while Will sent bewildered looks at Nico. Everyone was eating unaware of our predicament apart from Professor McGonagall who was raising an unimpressed eyebrow at Piper who kept on throwing paper aeroplanes at Annabeth in an attempt to get her attention. 

"Royals come with me." She said loudly, rising from her seat. I sighed helping Hazel up still pretending to be her guard. Will stood ungracefully his arms flying out, I caught him with my foot before anyone noticed and walked out behind him as his face went red. 

"Whats going on?" The woman asked and Percy awkwardly rubbed his neck. 

"We kinda can't eat unless we give a portion of our meal to the Gods," He eyebrow went higher and Reyna sighed.

"We need a fire." McGonagall looked like she was going to laugh but pulled out her wand anyway. 

"We can pretend it's part of your royal culture. They won't question it," I felt uneasy as we stepped back into the great hall but no one else seemed to worry. I felt a sigh of relief dig into my throat as no one seemed to care about the fire or the fact we were throwing food into it. I wonder if we are going to be able to share dorms?

Hey guys here a quick update and Don't worry Frank you're not the only one wondering that. What do you guys think a specil place for the royals or no? anyways thanks for reading ALSO 33K THATS AMZHANG,