Bonus Chapter» A Tale Of Time

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Every night she'd stay awake, and exactly at half fine I'd come home no matter, how much I wanted to come earlier, Jalil always had some extra files he needed to sign.

Aazeen would be there, with the food ready on the table whilst she sat on the sofa awaiting for me. The way her eyes lit up when she saw me and the radiant smile on her face, as though all the problems in the world were solved.

Everytime she looked down at her hands, a small frown would grace on her face knowing other women glanced at me. It ripped my insides knowing she didn't see herself like I did. She didn't know, she was oblivious to how much I love her.

She was oblivious to how beautiful she was, the way all the heads turned towards her. The way every man was mesmerised by those hazel cinnamon eyes, and the vile thoughts that ran through their heads each time she looked up; and now the only woman I ever breathed for was gone.




The soft velvety like voice spoke echoing through my ears. Like an oasis in the desert awakening your soul within, telling you to live on, telling you to move on. Opening my eyes I was greeted to the sight of blinding light, illuminating all around.

Tensing I found myself closing them in discomfort just to have time open again, to see the sight before me, a sight I knew I'd yearn for eternity if I didn't see it now.

There sat before a woman of many dreams. Her soft doll like features turning from a small frown to a smile, as she glanced downwards.

The sudden smile that graced her features lit her eyes as she held the small baby in her arms; her angelic like face swarming with love.

She remained a sight in white. Her large Hazel eyes glancing downwards, like a ray of light illuminating all around, she slowly glanced upwards. Her eyes landing on mine.

Everything in that moment stopped. All around me turned in to mere splinters and broken ashes, washing around, like a tornado amongst us, and all that remained was her and I.

A smile graced her face as she looked ahead blinking her eyes lightly. My breath caught in that moment, finding it hard to breath seeing the woman I love hold the small child in her arms.

"Ammar" She smiled holding on to the little fingers of the child before bringing it towards her lips.

Aazeen stroked Aynah's hair before placing a blanket on top of her. Cradling the baby in her arms, she stood up handing me the small creature, before turning towards our sleeping daughter, who was snuggled tightly to her small bear, the little white dress she wore now dirty with her running around and playing outside.

Glancing downwards, my heart fluttered seeing the small child in my arms sounding peacefully.

He was beautiful.

Long eyelashes washed ashore on to his creamy skin, as the baby moved in his sleep, suckling on to his lower lip. A small button nose added to his features as his barely seen lips moved against the light yawn. All of a sudden dark green eyes opened, glancing at me. Bringing life in to the green orbs.

Shehzad Khan.

Our little Prince.

Just like his name, Shehzad was our Prince, catching the hearts of many but mainly of Aynah who refused others to see him. He was her little prince, as she called him, and only Princess can have brothers for a Prince, her exact words.

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