Bonus Chapter» A Tale Of Time

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She was gone.

As though she was the winds of Freedom, soaring high in the sky. Yearning for a chance to live and when life finally opened its arms. She was gone. My Aazeen was gone.

They say the heart is the dominant organ in your body, keeping you alive, pumping blooď, but have they ever said the soul is what makes you live. You maybe be breathing, but the soul is what makes you live.

In all my life, darkness was the entity of each source. Everywhere I look darkness caged me in and there remained no escape except to befall in the grasp of despair knowing the one person I loved, was with another, knowing my injuries resulted in my departure from the army; knowing everything in my life was turning upside down and there remained nothing for me to live for.

Then she came again, like a beacon of light, soaring in each corner guiding a traveller home. Guiding me home, for she was my home. She was my everything and now she was gone.

I remained at loss for words. Nothing was said, nothing could be said. Glancing from Kulsum I looked at Nazeen as would do a child to their mother wanting their reassurance, wanting their love.

As if sensing my eyes on her, she looked upwards. Tear streaming down her face creating a new path through the old dried trails. Shaking her head in despair I felt all the air being sucked out of me. My throat burning, the very air around me becoming hard to breath.

No matter how much I tried, my knees itself gave up, no longer able to support my weight. All sense deluded out of my mind, unable to make assumptions, unable to make false reassurance and here I was, exposed to my darkest demons.

I was seeing, everything yet I wasn't looking. The way that Helen and Nazeen mouths moved, their facial expressions twisting in to agony as they cried. Tears running down their cheeks. I was seeing yet I was blind to everything.

Everything around me was crashing. Falling in to broken splinters. The little life I had built was gone and all that remained was her face, her smile, her eyes.

They way she looked up. A taint of red washing on to her cheek as she tucked her hair strand behind. Wanting to look nonchalant, as if my gaze didn't intimidate her. The way she'd wake up in the morning and glance out of the window to see the beach. The waves washing ashore on to the land.

A smile would grace her features knowing the waves where there, that the current was there, it reassured her, told her life still continued. Time still moved on, no matter what. It was therapeutic for her, to see the beach. It gave her hope.

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