Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

        “But I did! I remember dying, I remember the pain and the feeling when I was dead, how something was leaving and then it sunk back inside me.” I stammered I hadn’t ever stammered before, I hadn’t ever been this nervous before. Something inside me was changing and I didn’t like it, I missed my old self.

        “Maybe your coming back to life… maybe you took something before and you- “no Calla I wouldn’t have done this! No this is WAY too big of a prank! I… call Saith!”

        “Okay but R you might just wanna count your blessings that your still alive… maybe… you know I don’t really believe in God but you know maybe someone’s letting you live.”

        “Why? I’m a terrible person and we both know this!” I screamed she took a deep breathe in and I tried to follow suit but my lungs wouldn’t corporate.

        “Okay just try and calm down! That can’t be good for you, no matter if your dead or alive!” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest looking down at my toe, it had been black from frost bite and now was a churning red color.

        “Hey Saith you know where Reva is?” I heard her ask I barely heard his coarse voice in the background, he sounded groggy like he’d just woken up.

        “Uh well… last time I saw her she was leaving to meet you and Davis.” She said, then a long pause. “Are you sure? Okay I’ll go there… no I’ll be fine someone’s coming with me, no I’m sure… thanks though uh bye!” Calla hung up the phone and grabbed a jacket, I looked at her confused.

        “Abandon house is the best bet, you remember where you were when you “woke up?” She asked her hand stopped over the door knob, I shook my head not able to speak.   “Hey I know this is hard and well its gonna get harder but you got me… and I think we should at least have Bailey meet us there I won’t mention you and if she sees you, she sees you!” I nodded again not able to trust my voice, she handed me her best wool peat coat, and I shook it on covering my whole body.

        “Do you need different shoes? Those can’t be comfortable.” I had felt a sudden throbbing feeling on my feet, I hadn’t before just another change I guess.

        “Sure.” She gave me a pair of socks and snow boots, I put them on in the car.

        We got to the abandon house twenty minutes later, the house stood tall but not strong it was barely alive. Like me, I thought in a weird way maybe I was actually coming back from the dead or maybe I never died.

        “Well Bailey’s late like usual.” Calla said after too many moments of awkward silence.


        “Hey come on its not so bad, at least this way you have me and maybe Bailey!” I didn’t get to respond since Bailey and her dark curls bounced over to us, Calla’s car was a dark explorer so Bailey couldn’t see inside the car. She rolled down the window;

        “Hey you mind telling me why we’re here?” She barked, her raccoon make-up was messier than usual and her red lips were as perfect as usual. One a good Bailey day I thought she looked kinda hot, but now she was a hot mess.

        “Uh I just need to- “I see you find Reva.” She said giving me a sharp look that I returned narrowing my hawk eyes at her, she backed down after a few seconds. Our circle was like a wolf pack, I was their alpha and no one stood up to me.

        “Yeah sorry about that I was kinda in a shallow grave!” I spat she flinched so hard I thought I had slapped her, her brown doe eyes softened and she looked down.

        “I’m sorry I didn’t know… at least you’re here.” She said looking up briefly then back down, I rolled my eyes and Calla elbowed me.

        “It’s fine what are friends for right? Hey but well this weird thing is happening to me and I don’t know what I am right now because I was dead like for reals dead and now I’m not.” Her eyes snapped up to me and then briefly to Calla who shrank in her seat.

        “WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO!?” I yelled at them my voice roaring above everything else.

        “Calla said that we could- “nothing, we did nothing at all.” Calla said with one sharp gaze she shut up Bailey I smiled wickedly.

        “Calla… will you excuse Bailey and I?” I said not asking permission I threw open the door and ran to the other side or the car and grabbed Baileys wrist. “Tell me Bailey how did it feel when you killed me? How did it- “WE DIDN’T KILL YOU!” She yelled stammering but I knew she was telling the truth.

        “Then who did? Was it Annika? Was it Calla? Was it Davis? Tell me Bailey or I swear to- “we don’t know… all we know is that we were in the forest behind this house and… and we watched as the killer killed you and afterwards Calla said she could bring you back.” My mouth dropped and I looked at Calla she sighed and nodded.

        “So I’m a zombie right now?” I asked half-jokingly, they shrugged, oh frikkin great I might be a zombie because my friends couldn’t bare to let me die!

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