29. Mended Friendships

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                "You know," I said to Zayn as I took a bite of the toast he had made me. "I think it's about time you talk to the boys."

                Zayn glanced at me over his bare shoulder. "I think I should wait until the lads —"

                I shook my head. "Nope, today is the day."

                My boyfriend sighed, turning around once his own breakfast was ready and walking over to the table to sit across from me. He was still shirtless and only wearing boxers, but I didn't have room to judge — after all, I was only wearing panties and his tee shirt. Both of our hair was still a mess from last night, but I didn't care, because I was genuinely happy.

                "I'll make an effort to speak to them again if you really want me to, love," Zayn told me, glancing up at me with those big, smoldering brown eyes.

                A smile planted its way onto my lips. "Good, because I want you to."

                He groaned, "You were supposed to say that you don't want to make me do something I don't want to do, and I'm allowed to wait until I'm ready to speak to the lads."

                I giggled, hopping up from my seat and walking over to his. Standing behind Zayn, I put my hands on his shoulders, giving him a massage as some sort of motivation to go through with this. He dropped the fork onto the plate before pushing it away, making a possessive sound before whirling around on the chair and grabbing hold of my hips, pulling me into him.

                It wasn't much of a surprise when Zayn kissed me after I was practically leaning on top of him, his big hands firmly gripping my waist so I wouldn't go anywhere. Sparks still flew between our lips as he slipped his tongue into my mouth, deepening the kiss that I loved sharing with him. After a moment, once I felt 'little Zayn' get excited, I giggled again and pushed against his chest, disconnecting our lips.

                "Are you going to talk to them today?" I asked, trying to sound serious but my eyes were still dancing with excitement and eagerness.

                "Yes, just come back here." Zayn practically growled.

                Again, I dodged his kiss and said, "Then you should probably get a shower and get dressed."

                "Rose," He groaned.

                I smirked, kissing his lips quickly before slipping out of his grasp. His hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, pulling me just a tad closer as I turned around. Zayn glanced down and winced as he noticed the scars on my wrist, but before I could become self-conscious over them, he placed his lips against my wrist and kissed them. My heart fluttered as I watched him kiss my wrist tenderly, as if erasing all bad memories.

                When he pulled back, Zayn cupped my face with both of his hands, eyes piercing through mine as he whispered, "You're perfect, okay? Absolutely perfect, and I love you."

                I'm pretty sure my eyes watered as my heart warmed, whispering gratefully, "I love you too."

                Zayn gave me a smile filled with so much love that it was hard to believe I had ever accused him on cheating on me. After my boyfriend let me go, he slipped past me and towards the staircase, stopping at the bottom as he bent over and grinned at me.

                "Want to join me in the shower, love?" Zayn asked cheekily.

                "You wish."

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