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Chaotic screams echoed in the night. Loud thuds of dragons and wyverns crashing to the ground. The last of them finally taken down. All the mighty beasts finally gone. Stripped of their skin, teeth and claws. Their blood soaking the ground for miles. A woman ran from the burning tents. Tucked away in her arms were two eggs. A fiery red one with light speckles of blue glittered on the egg. Another much smaller than the first, about the size of a hawk egg. Pure white that seemed to glow whenever light hit it.

The woman wore a leather corset yet it was short enough to reveal her stomach. A green cloth skirt clung tightly around her waist. Her bare feet were covered in leaves and dirt. The woman's skin was pale. The pupils in her eyes were wide and bloodshot. Multiple tears fell from her eyes as she continued to run through the forest.

"We found her!" A man yelled loudly.

"Kill her!" Another shouts from further away.

The woman spotted a dark, hidden cave behind some ivy and shrubbery. She makes a run for the cave. Once inside she scrambles to the back of the cave. Crying, she sets the two eggs down in a corner. Tears drop onto the shells of the eggs. She kisses the tops of them.

"Stay safe, my loves." She whispered.

Glancing around the cave she grabs hold of some leaves and twigs ripping them from their original plant. The eggs were covered by the plants rather quickly. The woman then snuck out of the cave.

"I think it would have been in your best interest to stay hidden. Say hello to the rest of your family in hell." A man growled behind her.

A sword was thrust through her chest. Her breath hitched and blood began to bubble at the edges of her mouth. The sword was then yanked out of her. She dropped to her knees and blood began to pool on the ground around her. The color left from her eyes as she collapsed on the ground, letting out her final breath.

7 years later

Small cracks appeared on the largest of the two eggs. Bits and pieces of the egg began to fall lightly onto the cottage floor. A hand was stretching out of the eggs surface and the rest of the shell fell to the floor.

Small cries were made as a baby girl with fiery red hair tumbled from the remains of the egg. Patches of her skin were covered by white and light blue scales. Yet the most bizarre thing about her were the small leathery blue and white wings that poked through the skin on her back. She wasn't the size of a newborn like any normal child. She was roughly the size of a three year old. Unlike human babies she immediately knew what she needed to do to survive. Her natural instincts kicking in rather quick.

Blinking open her eyes, they landed on the ghostly white egg. She smiles down at it. Her teeth were bright white and proved to be more fangs than teeth. Her wings flap a bit and she curls around the egg. A crumpling sound alerted her as she halted from curling around the egg. Sitting up she picked up a small piece of parchment. Writing was on the parchment, scribbled on sloppily.

My sweet Celosia,

I am so sorry you have to grow up on your own. By the time you read this I know that I will be long dead. Me, your father and the rest of our people are gone. As soon as you leave this family or even this castle, my love, you are in immediate danger. The kingdoms cannot know of your existence. Once they know of you they will try and kill you. Luckily, you are not alone. I have left with you, the last dragon egg. Care for it until it hatches. Stay with this egg and this family and you will remain safe. Take care, my love. Be safe...

As the child finished reading the note left for her the door creaked open. A man and woman around their mid thirties enter the room. They smile down at her, their eyes lit with joy. The woman lifted the child into her arms and kisses her forehead as she exits the room.

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