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((The Bathroom))

“You conniving bitch!” Shay snickered.

“LaShaylia!” Gianna chided.

“You did what?” Shay yelled.

“You kissed him, why?” she added hotly.

Amani, forging all the strength she could falsely muster, gathered herself off the bathroom floor and tried to make her way out of the bathroom, only to be shoved back harshly by Shay, who grew meaner and angrier by the second.

“Excuse me, Shay” Amani muttered, again trying to make it out the door, only to be pushed back again.

“Just move,” she added.

Still, Shay stood firm, each time pushing Amani harder. 

“Move!” Amani screamed, now frustrated.

“Umm, who the hell do you think you’re screaming at!” Shay shrieked, now looking extremely pissed off, her nostrils flaring, her eyes wide. She leaned closer, her face centimeters from Amani’s.

“Back the fuck off me Shay!” she warned, pushing Shay, who staggered a few inches back, then looked.

“Did you just fucking push me!” Shay bellowed, pushing Amani again, this time harder, hard enough for Amani to fall.

(Kitchen Table)

“Dude, what’s all that commotion?” Prince asked.

“I Dee Kay,” Ray Ray shrugged, “everything was cool, Gianna and Amani were in there and then Shay left and now big problems look like it, sounds like somebody stole somebody’s man!” He added.

“Aww, damn!” Prodigy yelled, biting his fist.

“You see, five girls plus four boys equal…” Prince hesitated, trying to find a word.

“Equals big boom boom?” Ray Ray suggested.

The boys got up and raced to the bathroom as they heard a thud.

“Hot damn!” Prince hissed.


“Man, what the fuck is going on in there, I’m trying to sleep!” she grumbled, kicking away the comforter. She made her way to the bathroom ready to give the girls a piece of her mind.

“Are you fucking serious?” she cursed hotly as she heard the commotion.


Gianna looked on helplessly as the girls fought. She knew better than to get caught between the deadly crossfire of the two.

“What in the hell is going on?” Cecilia asked.

They were on the floor, slapping and kicking at each other when everybody else came in. Being the civil guy, Roc pulled Amani off of Shay. It was hard to say who won. Shay walked away with a busted lip, that oozed blood. Amani had a bloody nose. Both their clothes torn and stretched beyond recognition. Just as Gianna was about to warn Roc, Amani swung a nasty move.

As Shay was wiping her lip with the back of her hand, Amani, turned around in Roc’s arm and flung her balled up fist fast and hard, landing on Shay’s cheek.

Shay, quickly recovering from the the blow, knocked back. Grabbing Amani by her ponytail. Yanking away as Cecilia gripped her hand. Cringing, Amani yanked her way out of Roc’s arms and sprang.

“Damn!” Princeton repeated as the blows grew harder.

Suddenly, there was a sickening crack as Amani’s head came into play with the tiling. Everybody gasped as she was there for a moment, and then she slipped away. Her eyes half closed, were blank, a tiny, slow trickle of blood began dripping and puddling on the cracked square. There was a weird shriek from Amani then she started to convulse.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” Cecilia repeated, covering her face.

“What the fuck are we gonna do?!” Gianna asked.

Staring down as Rhian, tried to stop Amani from seizuring.

“Call 911!” Shay advised, now fully aware of what was happening.

“What the fuck can 911 do Shay, it’s the middle of a fucking hurricane!” Gianna screamed, shaking her bloody hands as she cried.

“I’m so -——” Shay started.

“Don’t” Rhian whispered.

“I’m calling 911” Cecilia yelled.

“I’m calling Keisha,” said Roc.

“I’ll call her mom,” Rhian whispered.

(A Few Minutes Later)

“You guys?” Gianna murmured, her voice low and shaky. She looked up from Amani.

“I can’t find a pulse,” she whispered.

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