Chapter One : "Trials & Tribulations."

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Tamir Bryant

The disrespectful Mississippi heat begin to scotch my skin a little, but not to an extreme

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The disrespectful Mississippi heat begin to scotch my skin a little, but not to an extreme. I lean forward as I begin to scope out my surroundings.

I watched a young couple walk in front of me, hand in hand. They looked like they were really in love which I thought was cute.

The love shit is amazing once you find that right one. Although I wouldn't know because I've never been in love.

"And like I told you, shorty. I'm not responsible for no damages. You shouldn't have let him drive your car." I heard Nas on the phone once I walked back into my tattoo parlor.

After getting my life together, I put a lot of thought into getting my tattoo license and opening up a shop. Almost two years after grinding as a drug dealer, I was able to get not only my mom and 12tH them out, but my homie Nas as well.

He got out and went straight to school, taking his second chance to heart. That made me proud, knowing that he really wanted to better his life.

But as for me, I did a couple of illegal shit just to get where I'm at right now. And to be honest, I don't regret all the trials and tribulations I've encountered just to make it.

"That's why I'm telling Mama on you." Nas said before hanging the phone up and looking at me.


"You'll be a snitch too if your baby sister over here being a dumbass for a nigga." He stood up from the sofa.

"She'll learn one day."

"No the fuck she ain't, but you have someone coming in at 5. I'm about to head on out."

"Alright. You work tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but I'll swing by your place later on that night."

I nod my head as we did a handshake and a brotherly hug. As soon as he walked out, my five o'clock customer walked in right on time.

"Hey, how you doing? Toni right?" I walked up to her and issued out my hand.

"Yes. How are you?" She smiled, which made me noticed her perfect smile.

"I'm well, preciate you asking. So what you trying to get?" She pulled her phone out from her back pocket.

She then showed me a picture on her phone. I examined it, realizing it was a shoulder piece.

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