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"Good job freshman." Monique said walking passed Aaliyah, patting her on the back. Aaliyah sent her smile before returning her attention back to the lady beside her. Aaliyah grabbed the end of the towel that rested on her shoulders before wiping the sweat off her face.

"Ready?" The lady said questioned the camera man. He nodded his head before sending her an head nod.  Ros Gold-Onwude placed a smile on her face before facing the freshman guard.

"Aaliyah congrats on the win." She said as she paused for a moment before looking up at Aaliyah. The 19 year old placed her hands on her hip, giving the interviewer a blank look. "Arizona State, they made their push but it really felt like you had an answer. How do you always come back with an answer?"

"It's just us continuing to stay aggressive. Arizona State is a great team and we knew that they was going to continue to fight back. And it was about staying aggressive at all times and fighting. Umm... that's what coach kept preaching to us in the locker room." Aaliyah said looking over at the older lady. She brought the microphone back to her lips before asking another question.

"Was their a sense- even in that 3rd quarter they had a strong 3rd quarter. Was their a sense that you just don't want to lose the lead, you stop trying to win the game?" Ros Gold-Onwude asked, binging the microphone over towards Aaliyah mouth.

Aaliyah scratched her forearm as she tilted her head a little. She opened her mouth but Kelli walked by, interrupting her for a brief moment. Aaliyah smiled as the two did their handshake before hugging.

 Aaliyah smiled as the two did their handshake before hugging

"Good game Sis." Kelli said patting her head before pulling away from her teammate. Aaliyah rolled her eyes but a smile still on her face. As Kelli walked off, Aaliyah return her attention back to the interviewer. Aaliyah tucked her bottom lips as she thought back to the question.

"Umm no. I think we just needed to slow down. We was rushing a lot of our shots and we was turning over the ball a lot. And we wasn't playing defense as good as we did in the 1st half. So yeah it's about slowing down and breathing and making sure we playing as one. Coach talked about that a lot when we was in the team huddle that we was rushing and that we needed to slow down and breathe. And I think we did that in the 4th quarter." Aaliyah answered.

"You mentioned good defense in that first half, and for most of the game you played a lot of Zone. Is that a tool that you guys feel you can lean on a lot?"

Aaliyah nodded her head as she glanced down at the ground for a moment. "Yeah, I think we can lean on Zone in some game situation. We, as a team, like using 5 as well but Zone work for us.

"After them one Washington lost, you guys have been racking up wins. What changed?" She questioned

"Umm, we just continue to stay aggressive like I said earlier. We playing as a team and making smart plays. When we was playing them we wasn't playing UCLA basketball. We wasn't ourselves." Aaliyah said shrugging her shoulder.

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