Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

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-The first words you say to your soulmate are on you somewhere. Also lets pretend that New York is under attack,as it usually is, and nobody wants to help the poor super soldiers. Kinda short but I think it's cute.-

"Seriously Stark, what the hell does this even mean?"

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"Seriously Stark, what the hell does this even mean?"

"Language, Barnes! What would Spangles think?!" Bucky clenched his fist, the gears whirring, and started to take a step towards Tony until Steve grabbed him by the shoulder.

"I'd say that we've had these marks since the 40s and when suddenly you start banning us from electronics to find anything on our marks it's suspicious and we want some answers Tony." 

As the captain spoke he wound his arm around Bucky's shoulders drawing him into a side hug. 

"I told you that no research is allowed." Tony smirked as the two soldiers proceeded to glare at him.

"And why the hell is that?!" 

Bucky did all but snarl out the question as Sam walked around the corner from the kitchen. "Because it's going to be great seeing your response to your soulmate Frosty." This time Bucky did throw a punch only avoiding shattering Sam's jaw because of Steve's reflexes. 

Sam shook his head laughing, "Lord help whoever has to deal with you two..."

The next round of comebacks was cut short as alarms started going off in the tower. Tony hit a few buttons and surveillance monitors popped up onto the tv. "Well surprisingly, some aliens are attacking downtown again. Guess we better go deal with that."

Tony walked off to go get his suit leaving Sam and the super soldiers. Steve noticed the smile on Sam's face. "What?"

Sam just shook his head laughing. "I can't wait to see how this plays out someday."


All you wanted was coffee.

A nice warm cup of coffee on this beautiful day in New York. You had just rounded the corner of a street as the ground started shaking a little and people started running past you screaming. Wide eyed you did what any not normal person would do and followed your curiosity. 

You started running toward the strange noises and went to go across the street to go behind another building when an explosion stopped you in your tracks. You stood in the middle of the road as what looked like some lizard type aliens in battle armor were tearing apart cars.

Your eyes widened in disbelief. You stood there watching in horror, coming to your senses you went to take a small step only to kick a piece of metal behind you. It scratched against the hard asphalt and you froze. The aliens snapped their attention to you and let out a guttural scream.

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