Charlotte POV

I woke up in an empty trunk. My clothes were different. I had my hair down in curls, I was wearing a silky black negligee and small black pumps. My hands were bound. I tried to get out of them but to no avail. I looked for something I could escape with but Aiden took everything out of the car. He even took away the pull-away tag for the trunk. Escape was impossible. I placed my ear close to the back of the seat to hear anything. I could hear music playing on blast. The song that was playing was "One Way or Another" by Until The Ribbon Breaks. It was on repeat from what I could tell. Minutes or hours passed by, the car stopped. The music stopped and the car door opened.I could hear crunching as his footsteps were coming close. It sounded like rocks were being kicked simultaneously. The trunk opened and I immediately kicked Aiden in the head. "Ah, you fucking bitch!" He punched me in the face. I started screaming for help and Aiden threw me to the floor. His hands slithered around my throat and tightly gripped me. "Aiden, please stop. I'll be good. Please stop." Tears were flowing from my eyes. Aiden let go of my throat. His thumb wiped my tears and his lips were coming close to my neck. His kisses were toxic. My legs trembled as he began to bite my neck. "I want to mark you, but I'll save that for later. If you ever do that again, I'll see to it that your family will be killed and you will watch them beg and scream-" "No! No Aiden please don't" Aiden stood up and looked down at me. I wrapped my arms around his leg. "Aiden, I'll do anything you say. Just please don't hurt my family." Aiden's eyes looked at me. "Alright, I'll spare your family. You must obey EVERY word I say. You will be my slave." Slave. How did I get into this? My head began to hurt. I couldn't make out what Aiden was continuing on about. I felt Aiden scoop me into his arms. I placed my hand around his neck. His hand touched my thighs while his other hand almost touched my breasts. I gazed at his eyes. His face was so gentle, yet, he was evil. He began to walk to his home. I was in and out of consciousness. Before my vision shut, Aiden was kicking the door open to his bedroom. The lights were low and there were candles lit. "Tonight, you'll be mine." he whispered. My eyes shut and I was left defenseless against this monster. 

Aiden POV

I left her alone. She was scared and cold. Billy ran towards me. "Boss, Spencer was on his way to the police. We stopped him in time." I was tuning Billy out. I was distracted with Charlotte and how she was feeling. "Billy, I'll get back to you later." I walked away back to the bedroom. Charlotte was shivering and she was crying. "Please, Aiden. I'm so cold." I grabbed a thick blanket and I got onto the bed. Charlotte began whimpering. "No, it's okay. I'm not going to do anything." Charlotte calmed down. I laid next to her and placed the blanket on us. I grabbed her and she came close. My arms wrapped around her. Her shaking stopped and she was sleeping. Lord knows I wanted to take her but I couldn't. It would be inconsiderate of me. Her and I slept peacefully. Tomorrow is another day and she'll be grateful that I have her. 

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