Chapter 35 - Descent

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A/N: Guys this is extremely important. I updated chapter 20 (for those of you who don't remember that's the chapter Amara says 'yes' to Shawn). It changes the story A LOT. Basically I made it to where Shawn forced Amara to date him. I was done with the "slut" comments and yeah the plot bugged me too.

In all honesty, I love Shawn. It's just I decided to change his image in the story.


So without further a due, here's the chapter you have all been anxiously waiting for.

Amara's POV

Laughter. Laughter and giggles immediately filled the airplane. I flickered my eyes open and saw the back of Cameron's body and a dying from laughter Nash. I let the breath I was holding back go.

Cameron turned around, his mouth was stretched and filled with pretzels. I'm assuming they handed them out when I dozed off. Cameron started to laugh; his mouth completely full, "I love you." He said like a baby.

"Lies," I said to him. I turned to Nash, "You scared the crap out of me!" Nash's face went flush. "I thought Cameron hurt you or something!"

"Sorry," Nash said with puppy dog eyes.

"You better be," I laughed.

"Amara!" Hayes whispered as I adjusted in my seat. I looked up at him waiting for him to continue. "Hi."

"Hayes, stop!" Nash yelled at him, I bit my lip containing my laughter. Hayes' face turned florescent red in a snap. 

"So you'll laugh from that, but not my pretzel face?" Cameron popped up.

"Cameron," I started. "Remember when both of our families went on that trip to Hawaii?" He nodded slowly, unsure of where I was going, "You did the exact same thing." 

He bit his lip, "Oh." I giggled a little at his shocked expression. I turned back to the window still smiling. Clouds and blue sky was all I could see for miles; a bright and shining sun decided to appear in my vision.

"This is your captain speaking, we are going to begin our descent. Please buckle your seat belts and we hope you enjoyed your flight."

I turned to Cameron, he had a scared look trapped in his eyes. I slowly reached over the armrest and grabbed his hand and interlocked it with mine. I could feel his gaze go from his hand and to my face, "Hey."

I looked up at Cameron and smiled, "Hey."

"I haven't said something to you in awhile," He started.

"And what is it?" I asked cutting him off.

"I love you," He smiled in a cheesy way.

"I love you too, but this isn't going to be some romantic chick-flick movie. You know that right?" I asked.

"I know," He sighed. I smiled then leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I love you."

"You said that like two seconds ago," I giggled.

"I just wanted to make sure you knew," Cameron swiped a smile across his face. I smiled at him also. Immediately my ears began to hurt and pressure began to increase on my body. I squeezed Cameron's hand out of pure instinct. "You'll be fine," He whispered in my ear; sending a million chills throughout my body.

I looked out the window and saw the ground coming closer to us by the second. My heart rate began to increase.

"Amara, you'll be okay," Nash then said.

"He's right," Cameron added with a sigh. I nodded the tried to slow

"I know," I heavily breathed out. Cameron smiled a little then looked over my shoulder.

"See? We're on the ground now," He smiled.

"Thank god," I said in relief. I started to undo my seat belt, but struggled. Airplane seat belts are the absolute worst.

"Here," Cameron reached his hand over and tried to help me.

"That's about as close as you'll ever get," Nash smartly remarked. Cameron rolled his eyes as he quickly unbuckled my seat belt.

"There you go," Cameron smiled at me.

"Thanks," I kissed his forehead as he pulled away; he immediately blushed. I stood up and patiently waited for Nash to get his bags from the overhead compartment and to continue walking. He finally squished himself into the aisle to exit the plane. Cameron then got both of our bags from the compartment. As he was doing so I remembered about Jake and Cameron's blanket. I turned around and grabbed it from under the seat.

"Amara," Cameron said. I turned around and noticed he was waiting for me. I blushed then walked ahead of him; into the aisle of the plane. I continued walking and heard numerous whispers, which made me immediately feel insecure. I kept walking anyway.

I reached the terminal and saw Nash leaning against the carpeted wall, "Hey."

"Hey," He responded. "Where's Cam?"

"Inside still, I guess," I threw out. I moved to next to him and slowly slid down the wall; I ended up sitting criss-cross applesauce. I grabbed my phone out of my back pant pocket and admired the lock screen; which was still a picture of Cameron, labeled Forever and Always. I smiled then dragged my finger across the screen. I immediately turned off airplane mode and was blasted with Twitter notifications. Most of which were worded like: "Cameron saved this sorry ass from Shawn" and "Cameron should ditch this slut."

"Don't take it personal," Nash said, i'm assuming he was looking over my shoulder.

"Did Cameron tell his fans?" I asked yearning to know the answer.

"Yeah," Nash responded hesitantly. "Most of them are happy for him."

"Most, not all," I pointed out. "They all probably secretly hate me."

"Amara! Stop hating yourself! If they hate you its because you're gorgeous and perfect in every way."

"What?" I asked absolutely blown away from Nash's words. I stood up to where I was facing him. 

"Amara," His hand stroked my cheek, I took a step away cautiously. "I'm jealous that Cam has you okay. And I'm jealous of your relationship and i'm jealous of you."

My mouth dropped to the floor, "Nash."

"Don't say anything, and don't be sorry," He leaned over and kissed my cheek ever so delicately.

"Uh, Nash."


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