Chapter Fourteen- Haha Not Funny

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Welcome, welcome to the fourteenth annual chapter. Two courageous young words will be chosen as names to go through the harshness of character life. May the words be ever in your favor. --Ha if you haven't gone to see Hunger Games yet DO IT OR I WILL FIND YOU! That is all :D Wait! Don't forget to VOTE either! It would make me a very happy camper. If I can get like fifteen votes I will even  make an extra chapter this week...oh the bribery begins! Thank you also to featherxxedge44 for the awesome cover on the right! Check out her page when you get the chance!


Chapter Fourteen- Haha Not Funny

June 18th: Waning Crescent

    Blue Eyes drove me home after I puked all of his shoes. We were still in so much shock from the picture, however, that he really didn't care that I'd done so. In fact he hadn't cleaned it up which was highly disgusting if you asked me. Then again, throwing up on someone else's shoes is highly disgusting. I wouldn't recommend doing such things on people's shoes because when they really get it through their head I am almost positive that they won't be anywhere near happy. 

    "We're here," Blue Eyes said when we pulled up to the front of Simone's house. I found that I was reluctant to go inside though. There were questions and wonders swirling around so fast in my head that I thought I might now pass out. Oh how grand that would be to add in my day. 

    It seemed that Blue Eyes had questions too because he said, "So, you were in a picture with Haden and Lockheart." It was a statement that sent chills through my veins. Not because it was entirely a scary thought, but because I couldn't remember it. I couldn't remember anything and it was becoming increasingly annoying to say the least. 

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    The air in the car had become stale, making it almost hard to breath. I wanted to say something more to Blue Eyes about the picture, but I couldn't form the words in my mouth. I couldn't even think to ask him how he knew about Lockheart. Personally, I didn't think I wanted to know. Then again, how could a picture of me show up that looked like it couldn't have been taken more than a month ago? Had Haden came to visit at one point? Where would he had visited? 

    "Do you know how you know them?" Blue Eyes asked, but from the way his voice shook I could tell that he already knew the answer and just wanted me to say it. There was no denying now that I was silblings with Haden and Lockheart, but the only person I had to talk to it about with was missing. 

    Taking in a sigh, I prepared to answer Blue Eyes question. "Yes, I think they're my brothers."

    Blue Eyes nodded his head once, seemingly staring off into space like he wasn't actually paying attention. "Why didn't Haden tell me?" he asked in such a quiet voice that I almost missed him say it. 

    "If it makes you feel any better, he didn't tell me either. Actually the day you saw him at my house was the day I kind of started figuring things out. Truth be told I didn't think I was really his sister until a dream I had tonight, but I knew that we knew each other some how." Blue Eyes just shook his head, and turned away from me so I couldn't see his face. I was worried at how upset he was, but then again Haden was a really good friend of he was missing. 

    "We've been friends forever, Amanda," Blue Eyes began, looking over at me now with such hurt in his eyes that I actually thought he was going to cry. "He told me how his parents were murdered and that he was scared the same fate would come to him. He was messed up and I was the only one that saw it. I honestly thought we told each other everything and he never once lied to me. When he said he had twin 'brothers' I believed him, but now I find out that it wasn't true. Yeah, he has twin siblings, but you're obviously a girl. I just want to know why he lied. What about you was he trying to hide?

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