Chapter 6: Women's rights

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Speaking of…my dog sniffed at it before growling slightly. Hazam hissed at taking a swipe but the little dog backed away only to jump back up and pounce on it, “Hazam!” Isis cried out the same time I yelled, “Lilly!” Huh…I guess the puppy’s name was Lilly. Go figure. They fought around the tent crazily until Isis and I pulled them apart. “Enough!” Isis yelled at Hazam. He whined again but Isis shook her head at him, “No! You need to behave or no more belly rubs for ten years!” She warned. I nearly laughed as the animal looked frightened! Lilly licked at my hand but I just pointed at her nose, “No, bad Lilly. Be good.” She too whined but otherwise stayed silent.



“Well…that was interesting.” She muttered making me laugh.





Chapter 6:


Gordon’s POV:



I heard some whining off in the distance, but I was too tired to open my eyes. The whining started again causing me to groan. It was far too early! The inside of the tent was cold due to the earliness of the morning. Today was the last day too! “Uhg…Lily! Be quiet!” I said groggily. I then heard a his and felt a nip at my ear. Snapping my eyes open I screamed.



“Ahhhh!” I swear I just sounded like a girl. There an inch away from my face was Isis’ purple lizard Hazam. I jumped back causing me to bump into Isis, which then caused her to land on Lily who yelped in response. “What in the world?” I heard her mumble. I pointed at the purple thing, “Your thing! That’s what happened!” I yelled out. She rubbed her eyes looking pretty adorable…but I had bigger things on my mind. Like how Hazam was trying to scratch at me.




“Hazam! No! Bad!” Isis reprimanded. I swear it glared at her causing Isis to glare back, “Hazam! Knock your bad mood off!” Hazam scratched at the tent and was looking wildly around. Realization dawned on her face and she too began to hop around, “Oh! He has to go to the bathroom! Oh no…so do I!” She yelled out panicked. I quickly unzipped the tent and pointed to the nearest restroom which was about a half a block down. She sprinted towards it, “Please show Hazam how to pee! He’s never had to go before!” She yelled out to me.



“Wait what?!” I yelled back but she was already in the bathroom. Dang she ran fast! I looked down at the purple monster who was spinning circles not sure what to do. I forget both Isis and him have basically been locked up for a long time with no bodily functions.



“Uh…just let go?” I said as more of a question. I didn’t know how to teach a freaking lizard how to pee! And he needed to hurry up before people started to come out here. I doubt a big purple lizard will go unnoticed. I looked at Lily who was poking her head out, “Lily! Show Hazam how to pee!” I exclaimed. I don’t think she understood me, but I knew she probably had to go anyways since it was morning.

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