The perfect night

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Hope and Jason walked to his bus and talked a little why they waited for Brantley and Holly to come back. There were sparks in the air between Jason and Hope and they could both feel it. Jason invited Hope in his bus and they sat and talked for the better part of the night. through out the talking laughing holding hands Jason would sneak in for a little kiss now and then but Hope didn't mind. "I hate to think I've got to leave you." Hope said. "Well I'm not leaving for a few days so it's not the fully goodbye just a more of a good night." Jason said. she smiled to the sound of that and she could feel her heart race they got lost in watching a movie and cuddling on the couch together and fell asleep. Hope woke up to Holly calling. "Hello?" Hope said. "I'm out by the gates and they are locked no going in or coming out, looks like we are stuck here for the night." Holly said. "oh, alright." Hope said not minding they had to stay as she hang up with Holly. Jason woke up enough to Hope just getting off the phone. "we fell asleep." Jason said. "yea we did and we are stuck til morning no coming in or out cuz the gates are locked." Hope said. "Well, I'll make the bed up in the room and you can sleep in there and I'll make the couch for me." Jason said. "I don't want to take your bed." She said. "Well I rather me wake up with back pain then you." Jason said. "Well there is always room for two in your bed and your more than welcome to join me if you get to uncomfortable." Hope said. "Well thank you." Jason said. I laid down on the bed and it smelled just like Jason so it wasn't to long before I was in a deep sleep and I was dreaming about Jason, then next thang I knew he climes in bed right next to me and puts his arms around me cuddles up to me kisses me very softly and goes right to sleep. Waking up that morning to still being in his arms was the best feeling.

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