Chapter 6 mates

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(Daniel POV)

I'm looking at Alexis while she's yelling and ordering us around, and I think,

{God , she's such a hottie.} <yeah, but she's our hottie> {who the hell are you} <I'm your wolf Bradley, god you're an idiot> { to hell you are, there's no such thing as a wolf inside of people's heads.} <Then what the hell are you doing now playing the Xbox> {what?} <get it through your thick skull, I'm your wolf , you know the big furry thing that can rip out your throat in less than a second.> {Great I get a wolf, but it has to be a smart ass one!} <well your stuck with me so deal with it>

I was so caught up at arguing with Bradley that I almost didn't notice the tornado that Cassie had somehow created. I start mentally freaking out and going through all the different ways we can try and stop this! Suddenly I see Alexis look very concentrated all of a sudden, and quickly I notice a deep red wall of fire forming around her. I see h tart to run to Cassie, who is starting to look very faint. The tornado stops suddenly and I see Alexis's wall of flames extinguish soon after.

Bradley suddenly screams at me < HURRY AND RUN TO THEM THEY ARE ABOUT TO PASS OUT FROM USING ALL OF THEIR ENERGY!> I yell to Brendon," Run they're about to pass out!" We got there in just enough time to catch them before they passed out. I caught my beautiful Alexis in my arms and as I touched her I felt these miniature sparks all over my body and I heard Bradley say <MATE> as I carried Alexis into the house.

We put Cassie and Alexis on the two couches in the living room and stepped back. Brendon and I were both lost in thought thinking about what happened when we heard the front door open. Brendon and I acted without thinking and we both jumped in front of the girls. We heard footsteps come torwards the living room, and i saw a medium sized man with a burly build and hair as black as night. He had rich blue eyes that looked slightly silver in the light. He just stood there while fixing me and Brendon with a cold hard glare.

We both just stood frozen under the gaze of the intimidating man. I thought fast and stepped forward quickly and trying to come up with a good story I said," Hi, I'm Daniel Wolfe, and this is my best friend Brendon Grey, we were playing football with Cassie and Alexis when they both went unconscious, most likely from dehydration." He just stood there with that killer glare of his like he was searching my mind and soul, then he stepped forward and I thought, I'm so dead.




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