I walked into the waiting area, I glanced around the room. Bimbos just adjusting their clothes making them even more slutty. "How unprofressional" I thought. "Bitch got a problem" one of the bimbos asked me. I could only roll my eyes. You'd assume that as a Havard graduate with honors that I'd be working as my own boss though no here I am patiently waiting to be interviewed for a job I have no desire in. To be some high class business persons assistant. "Skylar Reed" my name was called. I got up and stepped into the CEO's office. I fidgeted with my blouse collar as I stepped in. "Good afternoon my name is-" I narrowed my eyes of the floor "YOU" I screamed. In front of me was non other than the Christian Moore my high school bully and the world most sought out bachler. He cleared his throat "I'm sorry" then I carried on with the interveiw. He couldn't remember me because I had changed. I got the job after signing the contract I didn't bother to read. I looked up and he smirked at me. "What" I asked. "Congrats your my new assistant and your my fiance" he said in a husky voice. "Assistant yes, fiance hell no" I shouted at him. "Your perfect" he smiled. I stared at him with my mouth wide open. "How the hell did I get in this mess" I thought. 

It didn't seem as bad then, but what I didnt know what that it was going to be like high school all over again and this time I may be hotter and wiser but one thing will never change and thats I will always be the victim of bimbos and jerks.

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