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  The door slammed shut behind me and I jumped. Very self aware due to my intoxicated state. It sounded like a bomb to me.

  I kicked off my [FC] heels, watching one fly and break a vase. Heh. I was too poor to even own s vase, how did I have one? I didn't have any friends, so how I had a vase was absolutely confusing.

  I undid my hair, sighing as I felt my scalp breathe with relief after four hours of partying hard.

  Alcohol was my escape. My safe haven. My love. My boyfriend, my husband. I don't remember ever having a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. I don't care, when you're me you don't have time to worry about who you love. All you have time for is worrying why your Puppeteer can't love you the way you want.

  In anger at this thought, I drukenly stumbled into my bathroom.

  "I hate you." I seethed.

  It looked like I was yelling at my reflection but even that would still apply.

  "Because of you, I live a life of misery!" I threw my earrings at the mirror. Its beautiful iridescent frame seemed to frown through its many large and vibrant coils. On its corners were white marble chrysanthemums that burned my eyes every time I looked at them.

  I didn't care. There was nothing to care about. I had nothing to lose."You live a life of happiness. And wealth. You have friends. You have family. I have NOTHING!"

  Yelling at the mirror wouldn't do anything. This was pointless, said my logic. Yet my self loathing and everything negative in my bone marrow reared their ugly heads and defied my common sense. I threw everything at the mirror.

  I didn't see pearlesque swirls, beautifully dancing along the frame of the mirror. I saw chains that bound me to this world. This life.

  I didn't see my reflection. I saw a sheet over my eyes and a gag keeping me from howling in agony in fear and pain of the truth.

  This mirror was not my life.

  This mirror was not who I am.

  This mirror was a jail cell. I was stuck for the rest of my life suffering because my Puppeteer didn't.

  I was a slave.

  "I'm a slave.." I repeated aloud, my hair falling into my fatigue ridden face, my [ST] cheeks darkened by my endless tears.

  I stared down at the sink, hands on either side to support my shuddering body.

  "This is stupid."

  I looked back into the mirror.

  My breath caught in my throat, I nearly choked literally.

  Emerald green eyes gazed back into my lifeless [YEC] eyes. They were full of hope and beauty. As if they'd never seen the world's shadows.

  Their vibrant color struck a chord in me. I couldn't put words to it if I tried.

  I "zoomed out" to take in the rest of the face. Who owned these gorgeous epiphanic eyes.

  It was a man.

  Correction, a god.

  He looked like one...

  He seemed to have slight stubble. Rings around his captivating eyes. His lips were plump and vaguely resembled the petals of a Camellia flower. In my opinion. His hair was an interesting shade of brown. It was dark but shown a lighter honey-hazel mix in the light, it seemed to settle at more of a chestnut hue.

  "What. The. Fuck." His voice slowly droned out.

  I screamed in horror. My period of admiring his face was over.

  He screamed. I screamed.

  Then it all became hazy..

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