Chapter 1

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I open my eyes and I'm in the courtroom kneeling on the floor handcuffed to a pole. On one side of the room the Survey Corps and the other cadets fill the infinite rows of seats. Directly opposite them are the Military Police. And then Captain Levi struts towards me in slow motion. Suddenly he stops directly in front of me. Then he kicks me in the face, knocking out a tooth. He beats me repeatedly,while the crowd cheers. Well, most of them except for Mikasa , Armin, and the rest of the Scouting Regiment. I see her stand up. She's ready to kick Levi's ass. But Armin holds her back. I glance over at the Military Police. Among them I notice Annie. She's looking in my direction. She has a look of concern on her face. Every time Levi kicks me I never see it coming. Then every thing goes black. I open my eyes sit up, and look around. I'm back in my dorm room in the Survey Corps HQ. Oh it was just a nightmare. I get out of bed and go get a drink of water before trying to go back to sleep. I successfully fall asleep again.

**** The next morning...
I get up, get dressed and head to the Mess Hall, and my plate is filled with French toast, bacon, and some doughnuts. I walk over to the table where , Mikasa, Armin, and Jean are.  Mikasa looks up at me and smiles. "Hi Eren ," she says.  I smile back and sit next to her. 
She takes my fork and knife and cuts my French toast for me.  I sigh  feeling slightly annoyed.

"Mikasa , I'm perfectly capable of cutting my own food,"I say. "You don't have to baby me." I cross my arms over my chest.

"Come on Eren,"she says. "Don't be like that. I made a promise to your mom that I'd take care of you."

"I know that," I say. "That doesn't mean you have to treat me like an infant. I can take care of myself." I pick a doughnut up off my plate and storm off.  I feel Captain Levi's  notorious death glare burning into the back of my head.  I finish my doughnut and walk into the gym. I hear light footsteps behind me.  I turn around to see humanity's strongest himself, Levi Ackerman.  I give him my best salute.
"Oi Jaeger !" He says. He sounds angry but he's wearing his usual stoic expression. He's hard to read. 
     "Y...Yes sir?" I reply.
"What the hell is wrong with you ?!"
"Nothing Sir," I say.
" Tch. Bullshit," he says. "Why did you storm off  then, brat?" I sigh.  I really don't wanna tell him. "Come on Jaeger," he says. "Just tell me. Or would you rather be cleaning the entire HQ?"  I roll my eyes. He's such a clean freak.  "Hey I saw that! Don't roll your eyes at me, Brat!" 
        "Sorry Captain,"I say.  I take a deep breath before speaking again.  "Do you really want to know  why I stormed off?"I ask. He nods. "Alright ," I sigh. "Mikasa was being annoying so I got up and left. I also kinda wanted to train. And anger tends to get stuff done. However, no matter how much weight I lift I can't seem to gain any muscle. I only have two goals in life, Heichou. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be just like you. And then when I lost my mother to a Titan I vowed to kill them all. I want to kill all the Titans! I'll slaughter every last one."Levi puts a finger to my lips, effectively silencing me.
"Shut up about the Titans, you brat." He says. After a few seconds he takes his finger away from my mouth. "So you want to be like me, huh?" He asks. I nod.
"Of course I do, sir. You're humanity's strongest. I have always looked up to you for that,"I say. "I want to be strong too, so I can kill Titans."

"Eren," Levi says.

"Yes sir?"

"You can stop saluting now," he says. "I will train you. And if you train really hard you will become as strong as or maybe even stronger than me. "

"And I'll get jacked, right?"I ask. He rolls his eyes at me.

"Tch. Obviously,"he says.

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