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Lahlani's P. O. V.

Looking around the room taking in everyone who is here. Most here just look so familiar. But I couldn't put a name to any of the faces. I know a few Nathan had introduced me to. But I just can't remember any if their names.

"Lahlani! You won't believe who's here!" Lilly's voice run threw my ears and I turn around to see nun other than my old friend, Ashley. Who I hadn't seen since my ex-husband and I's wedding. Taken by surprise having not seen her in at least 3 years. I immediately pull her into a hug.

"Congratulations! I'm guessing you missed me too." Ashley chuckles in excitement hugging me back.

"Of course I missed you. And thank you." I respond pulling out of the hug taking a look at her seeing that nothing has really changed about her except her hair that was not a Bob as it was when we were in college and that now the end of her hair are dyed blonde and it is down to her mid-waist.

"I wouldn't miss this you don't know how excited i was when i t the invite. Oh and heard about David. I'm so sorry that you had to go threw that. See I always knew something was off that asshole."

"Yeah, can we just not talk about him at all tonight? Better yet never I don't think I want to hear his name ever again. I just want to catch up with you having not seen you in like 3 years which a long time. And you too Lilly I haven't seen or actually had a really conversation with you in months."

"Its crazy how we haven't seen each other in this long. I mean we were practically inseparable in college. The four best friends. Speaking of four is Shanna here too?" Ashley asks looking around the room.

"Well I sent an invite to her but I doubt shed be here. How much she hated to travel she most likely is still living in California. Remember how stubborn she was when it came to her coming to Arizona for your ex-wedding." Lilly says folding her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, uh I'd very much appreciate about him or anything related to not at all tonight its just tonight's been great so far and I don't want it to be ruined by the likes of him.
"I can not believe that you had doubts that I would be here. I would expect it from Shanna cause she can be very judgmental at times." I hear a familiar voice coming from behind me.

I quickly turned around seeing that it is indeed Shanna. And I notice a tall lightskined man standing beside her. Quickly realizing who he was I smile and pull them both into a hug that was cut short by my baby bump.

I pull away still smiling. Having my 3 best friends back and the man that was like a brother to me through out highschool and college up until da-he and I's wedding.

"See Shanna I told you she missed us. But its okay to admit that you missed me way more than them. They don't mind because they and I know that you missed my brotherly advice the most. You missed"

"You know Xavier I did miss your 'brotherly' advice" I chuckle knowing that he is going to get cocky.
"Lahli I don't know why you playing with his emotions trying to make him feel special when you know damn well the only advice he can give is on how to make your problems worse or how to cook ramen noodles that he can't even make himself." Shanna adds using my nickname remembering how my mom had given me the nickname and when the girls heard they just couldn't pass it up.

"That's not true your just mad. Hoes mad" Xavier says childishly.
"I see your childless way hasn't changed Xavier."

"Xavier don't make me slap the shit out of you infreont of all these people Shanna grits out causing us to giggles.
"Yeah they have-"

"So who is the baby daddy? I was on the phone with Lilly earlier and she said that David is not the father and that you guys aren't together anymore. But our conversation was cut short because Xavier was being impatient and let's not forget noisy." Shanna explains while I cringe once again hearing his name.

Shanna and Xavier must have noticed because they both gave me a curious look.

"Oh right I will go find him. I'll be right back he disappeared somewhere after the surprise." I say trying to get myself out of explaining myself when I hardly remember what happened. I succeeded because I got away. And began looking for him.

Nathan's P. O. V.

"I can not believe you Nathan. I mean I get you didn't want to leave Lahlani's side at the hospital but you can at least speak to mom she has done nothing wrong. Now Daniel and I, I get why you don't want to talk to us but seriously. Mom missed you a lot while you were gone and she still misses you it being that you've only said one sentence to her since you've been back." Emily says lecturing me.

She and Daniel pulled me into a corner a few minutes ago.
"I know it was wrong of me to do that. I was actually planning on apologizing tonight if mom came but I sent her and invitation for this. But seriously what do you expect? I came back expecting to see Lahlani waiting at the gate for me but instead it was only you too. But instead I came back to the love of my life pregnant and in a coma. The practically doctor said that she was only alive to keep the babies alive. Now I'm not insinuating that this is all you two's fault because it is not. It is also mine because I should've been here for her. I under estimated her ex. And that came back to bite me in that ass. So let's not blame ourselves for this okay. I will talk to mom tonight." With that I walked away and headed back to where Lahlani and her friends were.

Lahlani's P. O. V.

Walking past people as they congratulated me on the twins.
"Their you are. Where have you been?" I say seeing Nathan walking right towards me
"Oh I was talking to Emily and Daniel-"

"It about time. As far as I can tell you haven't said a word to them until now."

"I've talked to them. I talked to Daniel 2 weeks ago I think."

"Babe if you could hear yourself right now. Okay I want to introduce you to some old friends let's go." I grab his hand I started walking back towards everyone was pulling him along with me.

Walking through the some what crowded halls once again getting congratulated. As we get to the end of hall I turn into the room near the entrance Lilly and everyone else Xavier being the one to stick out the most of course as he was moving about bring attention himself coming into view.

"I found him." We stop in front of the group as they all turned around and stopped their conversations.

"You must be... What is your name?" Xavier says putting his hand out to shake but he still managed to be childish and act innocent in the process.

"Nathan." He says shaking Xavier's hand.

"Nathan, this is Xavier, Shanna, and Ashley.
Guys this is my boyfriend Nathan." I say as I point out who everyone is as I introduce them to each other.

"Well, its nice to meet you Nathan." They all say in unison except for Xavier who was trying to act serious at the moment.

"Same to you guys." Nathan says smiling while Xavier was still trying to look and act serious.

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