(Jennifer's perspective)

I woke up with a start, panicking frantically I knew it was just a dream and all but really this dream had frightened me to bits. Never had I ever had a dream so realistic. Whilst thinking this I grabbed my phone texting Rachel I wrote :

"Heyy !!! Yh I kno it's lyk soooo l8 but 2morrow let's...uh...swap identities" Rachel replied by saying :

"Lyk wt the hek ! I mean....wel....Y ?" I laughed to myself whilst thinking what a typical Rachel, I then replied by saying :

"ok, so I ges there's no point in lyin but wel Aron is beginning to really creep me out n wel I ges I jus wnt 2.......o I dunno jus SWAP WIV ME !!!!!! .....i'll explain 2morrow yh jus cum ma place....kk.."

After typing that I switched of my phone not wanting Rachel to object I found I had fallen asleep.

Early the next morning I felt an unsurprising yet little weight pounce upon my bed before my blanket flew off over my head

"Talk about telling me to come early, and well NOT BEING AWAKE!" Rachel screamed at me. I moaned and groaned before getting up.

"Sorry Lawson, give me a five-a and i'll be ready yeah, cool" Hearing Rachel pull on yet another tantrum I ran into the shower. I stayed in the shower for more than five minuetes and I could tell the second I got out she already had a moody expression written all over her face. "So what's all this identities swapping all about hey?" Rachel questioned. I began telling Rachel everything that had happened in my previous nights dream. Rachel, being Rachel simply gave me one plain look whilst saying:-

"Look babe, it was just a dream......". I cut her off before she could say anymore and said to her

"Rachel this dream was so real, I have never had dreams like this EVER! Just do this for me once, just this once". Seeing Rachel's expression I knew I had changed her mind so I began pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans, a plain White shortsleeved top with a bench hoody to go with it. Rachel had pulled out a pair of Blue denim shorts with a tight fitting blue long sleeved top with this time a blue hoody. I gave Rachel a daunting look whilst Rachel said :

"What ? If your going to be me, you have to look good ". Instead of arguing I decided to just go with the flow thinking to myself would this work. Would I be able to pull off being Rachel for a day and would she be able to pull off being me.......


So far so good, the day had gone perfectly. No-one had even suspected a thing. That was until the end of

the day. As myself and Rachel walked out of the school gates. I noticed him. Aron he was standing there with the dork of a friend Mike. I could not help but notice he was looking right at Rachel. Well atleast the plan was working. Scared again that maybe he could hear my thoughts I gave Rachel a quick hug whilst making my way to mums car, which had just pulled up. Looking around from side to side as I did so.

"Hey honey, how was your day at school?". Mum asked.

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect". I said to her. Mum asked if I wanted to go to the groceries with her as she began driving home but I decided I was too tired to. So instead Mum dropped me off home, the second I got in the house I realised I was home, home alone..........


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