[29] Kisses and Keys

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As Max was forcing everybody to watch CarGo with him, Katelyn sent a text. It read:

K: Hey, Phe! Wanna have a sleepover?

J: Okay, but I'll have to ask the others first

"Guys, Katelyn's inviting us to a sleepover. Wanna come?" They all replied something along the lines of 'yeah' or 'sure'.

J: They said yes. When and where?

K: Tonight @ KC's. 8pm

J: Ok. C u there

K: Bye :)

Later that evening

I rung the doorbell for the millionth time, my foot tapping on the floor impatiently. "Oh, you're here! Kawaii~chan is so glad you guys could come, honestly not many people like to go to Kawaii~chan's sleepovers. Anyways, girls' room is upstairs, second door to the left and the boys' room is just across from there."

   We stepped inside; the house was really big. KC must have a huge family... Shelbs and I went to the room she told us to enter. It was really pink, so I'm assuming it's her bedroom.

   KC was right, not many people go to her sleepovers. The only girls here were Katelyn, Kim and Emmalyn. Oh well, we'll just make the most out of it.

Meanwhile, with the guys...

Max's POV

   The guys (well, the guys here- Garroth, Kacey, Travis, Dante and the rest from SA) and I decided to play truth or dare.

"All right! Garroth, truth or dare?" Travis started the game.


"Chicken," Ross whispered into my ear.

"Who is your crush?" Ah, the typical high school question...

"W-well, i-it's a tie," he stuttered. "Between Phoenix... and Laurance."

"Wait, you like Laurance, as in like like?" Travis questioned in disbelief.

"I guess," he replied sheepishly. "Moving on... Max. Truth or dare?"

"Dare! I ain't no chicken!" I said confidently.

He thought for a second, before Dante whispered something into his ear. "Great idea! Max, I dare you to kiss your crush AND THEN confess to them- also you have to kiss first."

   At that point, I felt all my confidence get drained out of my body. I nervously walked out of the room and entered the girls' room. There was so much attention directed towards me-- from both the guys and girls.

I walked up to Aphmau before giving her a small peck on the lips. "He-hey Phe, I love you... err... IGOTTAGOBYE!"

Rushing back to the boys room, I slammed the door and dug my face into the pillow. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the guys enter the room, and Jin, Adam and Garroth shot me a jealous/somewhat angry face but covered it up with a smile.

"Sky truth or dare?" I asked, getting the kissing-Aphmau part out of the way.

Back to the Jess~senpai's POV

   Max approached me and... kissed me? At this point I felt my cheeks heat up and knew it was as red as a tomato. He said something quickly before running off. "Mithnix! Err... Phezan?" Most of the girls squealed.

   Shelby on the other hand looked kinda irritated. Maybe she has a crush on Max, but so do I... oh gosh, how will this work out?

Le timeskip to the next morning sponsored by Onci and I for some reason having the same ideas  

Garroth's POV

"Hey guys!" I greeted. Zane rolled his eyes, err, eye.

"Why is he here?" Laurance questioned.

I sighed. "Mom forced me to bring him. She said he needed more exercise."

"Ugh. I don't need more exercise!" Zane complained.

"To be honest, you kinda do baby brother."

"Don't call me that!"

"Fine..." my lips curved into a sly smile. "Zuzu."

   For a second he raged, then left to play on his phone. Eh, mom won't find out anyways, so why stop him when I can be with the gang?

"Ready to play some frisbee?" Katelyn asked, holding the disc up.

We played some frisbee until it landed next to a tree at the farthest corner from us. "I'll go get it."

   I was about to grab the frisbee and bring it back but something caught my eye. It was brown but shiny, so it couldn't have been naturally part of the tree. I slid my finger under it and tried to get it opened all the way, but it didn't quite budge.

   Nearly giving up, I grabbed the frisbee and jammed it under the flap, then stepped on it and finally opening the box. I pulled out a key made of tarnished gold... real gold. It was roughly the size of my palm and had a few engravements on its bow.

"Garroth, what's taking you so long?" Katelyn hollered. I stuffed the key into my pocket and ran back, taking the frisbee with me.

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