Chapter 1

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"El! It's time to wake the fuck up!" I heard my brother scream. I groaned, rolling off the bed. I grabbed the side of the bed, pulling myself up.
"El, come on. You need to get to school now." I hear a voice say. It was Maverick. My imaginary friend. I imagined her when I was just a kid. But, I decided to keep imagining and for some reason..she felt real and kept talking. With own feelings. I didn't have control over her anymore.
I nodded my head. "Yeah yeah, I'm up, Mav."
I saw Mav smile, grabbing my hand. She tugged me out of bed and I fell on the floor.
"You have got to be kidding me, Maverick!" I shouted. She started laughing, dropping my hand. I saw my door open, my brother stepping in. I looked up at Maverick, seeing her disappear.
"Talking to your friend, you lunatic?" I heard Arnold say. I glared over at Arnold, getting off the floor.
"What the hell do you want?" I mumbled.
"I want you to get ready." he said, leaving my room. I saw Maverick appear in the corner. I looked over at her, smiling. She smiled back, but not like before. I frowned a bit, leaving my room. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on some light make up. Powder, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. I ran to my bedroom, opening the closet. I saw Maverick still sitting in the corner. I sighed and turned over to Mav.
"Mav, what's the matter?" I said, leaning against the door.
"Oh, nothing. Don't worry, get ready." she replied, fading away.
I furrowed my eyebrows, knowing she wasn't okay. I shrugged my shoulders, looking back into the closet. I grabbed my shirt, labeled "Platform 9 3/4". I pulled out my ripped jeans, and put on my clothes. I put my hair in a messy bun, grabbed my stuff, and walked out the door. Before I went down the stairs, I went back to my room. I saw Mav appear on my bed, laying face down.
"Bye, Mav."
She looked over at me, tears in her eyes. "Bye, El."
I stared to walk towards her but Arnold pulled me away from my door. "El, you are fucking crazy. Come on!" he pulled on my arm, gripping my wrist. I patted his arm away. He let go and started to walk to the car. I followed, getting into the passenger seat. I put on my seatbelt, looking up at my window to my bedroom. I saw Mav staring at me, sadly. I saw a tear roll down her pale cheek. I closed my eyes, looking away. I didn't want to see her cry again. I felt the car move. I exhaled, wiping my eyes.
Don't cry today. Not today.


I watched as Elora and Arnold drive away to school. I started to cry as I laid on El's bed. I knew she didn't want to see me cry. I couldn't help it.
She imagined me when she was six or seven. She imagined me as a six year old. I had pale skin, brunette hair, rosy cheeks, green eyes, and I always wear black. I grew up into a teenager with her. She was my best friend and I was hers.
I've cried everyday silently, sometimes fading away so she wouldn't see. I would cry because I notice that I'm fading away. I don't seem as important to her as I was before. I wasn't ready to leave. Not yet.
We have more to do together.
So much to do.
I pace around her room, knowing she's gonna stop imagining me. Probably she'll forget about me soon. Could be tomorrow. Could be next week.
She can't forget about me yet. I feel like I'm fading away from her. I feel like she is going to forget about me. She will. That's what happens to imaginary people like me. The human grows up, we disappear forever.
She can't do this to me.
Not yet.
I keep telling myself that.
But I still don't believe it.


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