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WATCHING A TARGET LIKE NATALIA ROMANOVA WAS REFRESHING TO ROY. Most people that Nick Fury would assign the younger Stark were usually very boring. Had little to do in their everyday lives. Roy would find himself drinking more than enough coffee to keep himself awake. A majority of his targets would make him want to fall asleep. They were that bad to him. But Natalia was different. She was always moving. Trying to keep people off of her tail as she went from city to city. But she was never too far ahead of Roy.

He was known to always be two steps ahead of his targets. But with Natalia, he was almost only one step ahead of her. She was clever, almost too clever to him. When he would pick out a destination that she would find herself in, she would always be somewhere else upon his arrival. It irritated him on end, but at the same time, it gave him a rush. But Roy wouldn't give up on keeping his eye on the Russian assassin.

There were missions that he would follow her on, but he couldn't interfere. Because if she knew that she was being followed, she would most likely kill him. And Nick Fury would only just send another agent after Natalia. And Roy wasn't going to give up the mission of the girl. He was going to do what he was told, and somehow get all and any information on the girl that he could.

He was seated in his black pickup truck, sunglasses resting on his nose. Roy flipped through a newspaper as he sat in the driver's seat. He would glance upon occasion, knowing that sooner or later, Natalia would make her appearance. Reaching for his coffee, Roy took a sip of the pure black coffee. He wasn't one who liked any additional flavors to his coffee. He enjoyed the bitterness of his coffee. Kind of reminded himself of his father in more ways than one.

A sigh left his lips as he set down the newspaper and stared out of the windshield. But that was when he noticed her. The wave of red hair moving through the crowd of people. A smirk appeared on his lips as he watched her. It was a month into his mission, and she still hadn't realized that he was monitoring her on all times. Giving Fury feedback about what she was doing and who all she killed. So far, it was terrible people. It was a plus that she wasn't completely going after completely innocent people.

Except for the orphanage.

Roy straightened up in his truck, narrowing his eyes as he watched her enter a building. He didn't know what she was doing, and he didn't plan on getting out of the truck to follow her. If he got too close, she'd surely see him and want to slit his throat open. Unless she had a better method to kill a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Roy glanced down at the computer screen in his truck, before glancing up.

But when he glanced up, he watched as a flood of people rushed out of the building. Roy's eyes narrowed as he watched, trying to pinpoint where Natalia was. Suddenly, the passenger's door to his truck was thrown open and he snapped his head to see Natalia jumping in. Her eyes met his before she drew out a gun.

"Drive," She ordered him. Roy scoffed before he started up the truck and pulled out of the street. He sped down the street, not daring to look back at whatever the hell that Natalia Romanova had gotten herself into. "You've been following me for the past month. I want to know why otherwise I"m going to blow your brains out. Spit it out!"

"I'm Roy, and I'm an agent of a secret organization that sees you as a threat, Ms. Romanova," Roy replied to her and her eyes widened for a split second, before resting. Roy glanced over at her as she stared at him, still aiming the gun at his temple. "Put the gun down, darling. If you were going to shoot me, you would have already. Unless you wanna kill the guy who is being your getaway driver."

"Why did they send you? Why am I a threat?" Natalia demanded, and he rolled his eyes.

"Are you seriously asking me why my organization sees you as a threat, chicha?" Roy snapped at her and she bit down on her lower lip before Roy returned his focus on the road ahead of him. Natalia's eyes fell outside as well, watching as Roy turned off down a dirt road. Her eyes narrowed at the sights in front of her, before turning her head back to Roy.

"Where are you taking me?" She snapped.

"Obviously back to my place, if that's all right with you, sweetheart," Roy replied to her with a smug look.

"Don't call me sweetheart," Natalia snarled, before putting her gun away. Roy glanced at her through his peripherals, his smirk growing wider as she slumped in the passenger's seat. Her eyes glanced out the window, watching as her surroundings passed by.

In a quick movement, Roy took his hands off of the wheel and placed a cloth against her mouth. Natalia thrashed her arms at him, trying to hit him or kick him. But Roy got the upper hand and the chloroform on the cloth knocked her out. If Roy was going to bring her in, he wasn't going to allow her to watch for checkpoints that she could use to escape. Nick Fury taught him well. And when he was sent after a target, he was going to keep an eye on them.

Roy quickly turned his attention back to the road, placing his hands on the wheel. His eyes glanced around the surroundings, before making sure that no one would join him on the backroad. Pulling the truck over, Roy hopped out and walked around the truck to the passenger's door. He pulled open the door and picked Natalia up. He carried her toward the back of the truck and secured her hands and ankles together. He made sure not to tie the bonds too tightly, not wanting to cause any bruising.

Setting her in the box of the truck, he closed the tailgate and walked back to the driver's seat. He started the truck back up and continued his way through the backroads. Keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. He knew that there were going to be other people after Natalia. She was one of those targets that everyone wanted to get their hands on. Roy knew of her importance to Nick Fury.

Nick Fury would want two things out of the redheaded assassin. One, as an ally. She had a particular skill set that she didn't give a damn about who she used it on. Roy could see her value. What her academy had taught her to do with her body against any and all targets. And two, Fury would've had her killed. If Natalia wouldn't agree to work with S.H.I.E.L.D on Fury's terms, she'd be executed immediately.

And he would make Roy be the executioner.

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