November of '08

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November of '08 my dad got a call that my grandma was sick, so we moved once again (to a different state this time) to help her get better. I straight away became a very shy kid because I didn't understand how to make of the whole situation. The whole time in that state I moved a shit ton. But hey, I'm used to it by that time. 

I didn't really have friends 2nd to a quarter of 6th grade.. I was the shy, ugly, nerdy, fat girl who looks like a boy but dressed like a girl. Why I say fat is because during those years I used eating as a coping mechanism and boy did I look like the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who chewed the gum and blew up like a balloon. 

During one of those years, my dad shaved his head. Well me being convinced that I was a boy, I asked my dad to shave all of my long hair off. I told my dad that I wanted to be like him but he didn't really know that I said that because of me being convinced that I was the opposite gender that I am born with. He just thought that I looked up to him so he gladly shaved my hair off.

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