A Reason, A Tattoo, A Memory

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Introducing the second to last chapter of NO MORE! I really hoped you enjoyed this as much as I had writing this whole thing. Now before I get to sappy, Enjoy the chapter!

"You know, you didn't have to hit me so much, man. Bo was the only one who had a real reason." Josh said, seeming to return to reality a bit more.

"Ah, yeah, I'm sorry about that. I thought you killed Jess." Mike shone his flashlight, only turning his head slightly to look at Josh through peripheral vision. "I was wrong." He admitted. Bo was already far in front of the two in the other room, few steps ahead of them. When they reached the Wendigo's den full of strung up bodies, Bo was waiting for them, looking away solemnly at the flamethrower guy's beheaded self.

"You know, I forgot I had witnessed that. Lord..." She recalled the time she was with Chris and she saw just the streak before his head was detached from his neck. "Oh, Lord." She mumbled again, walking through. She caught up with Josh, letting Mike take lead. "After you were taken in the shed, Josh?" She looked up at him, and he back at her, making sure they both had each other's attention, "Well, Chris came with a stranger who knew all about the Wendigo as I had, and he wanted to help us. We were attacked by that third Wendigo we saw, and he...that monster just ripped the stranger's head from his body, Josh. It was...awful."

"I should have been there. I could have done more to help you." Josh lamented, looking away from Bo.

"There's so many things we all could have done, that's one thing I learned tonight, but you're responses to the things you did do, show more character than if you relish on your other choices." Bo assured him, before returning back behind Mike, who was already out of the room. They lead Josh to the lake once again, Mike plunging into the cold water. "Be careful, the water's sub-zero." She warned before following after Mike. Josh took longer to bring himself in, but succeeded no matter what. The water felt heavier now that Bo was more calm and full of less adrenaline than before. She realized how tired she was the moment she was able to relax.

As they were walking through the water, her relaxation was ripped away when Mike submerged under the surface.

"Mike! Oh my Lord!" She cried, watching him go without being able to do anything about it. Searching under water for him with just her arms was a chore. "Josh, help!" She yelped out, as he just stood there. Rushing up to meet her, he grabbed her hands from under the water.

"He's probably down underneath the current now. There's no helping him yet." Josh told her, still holding her hands in his. Bo's wild eyes met his and for a second, her fears were gone, for a second the world was okay, for a second Bo found her love for Josh once again. The love she mudded down with all of her anger.

Suddenly in front of them, a Wendigo emerged from the water, making Bo scream in terror as it stood there mockingly.

"Bo, it's not real!" He shouted at her.

"It looks pretty fucking real to me!" She yelled, trying to find her unlit torch she beat the Wendigo with, previously. However, it was in none of her pockets or at the other side of the dock. Defenseless, she watched the Wendigo pick Josh up by his throat as he gasped for air. "No!" She shouted.

"Hannah!" Josh yelled back. Bo gasped when she realized what he meant. The Wendigo had Hannah's tattoo still etched on it's skin. The Wendigo was Hannah.

"Ah-!" She cried out as she felt herself get pulled underwater by something, getting only a last glimpse of Josh being carried away by Wendigo Hannah. The shock of the cold water filling her lungs made her heart race as she twirled in the flow. After what felt like hours, she felt a hand grab onto her arm before she could be pulled away further and was hoisted up by Mike. Bo began to cough up water, throwing up what was left in her stomach and feeling every part of her body sting. "Gah-! Josh!" She shouted, sobbing in pain. She had just gotten him back and now he was gone again.

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