35: groupchat

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The Gals
(Stass, Mads, Kylie, Claudia)

Mads: sooooo, you and Shawn?? 😏

Claudia: yeahhhh

Stass: how did it all happen?

Claudia: well we both told each other that we missed being in a relationship and then he asked for a second chance

Kylie: aww that's so cute 😭

Stass: so do you guys love each other?

Mads: why did you ask that Stass?? 😂😂

Claudia: well we've said it as friends but never as a "date" way

Kylie: well do you love him?

Claudia: idk

Stass: it's a yes or no question

Mads: Anastasia, don't rush her, she has time

Claudia: why thank you Madison

Stass: well sorry I'm just thirsty for tea

Kylie: just wait a bit for that tea then

Claudia: it's okay Stass. But I really wanna see him

Mads: wait what was he doing with Camila?

Claudia: oh they just went out for dinner and wrote a bit

Stass: oh I thought they fucked or some crazy shit like that 😂😂

Kylie: Jesus Stass

Mads: wow 😂

Claudia: don't worry stass I did too haha

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