Part 2

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And he hold and squished Harry's arm. Right arm.

"Ahhh. AGGGHH.. Somebody HELP ME! " Harry screamed in pain.

"No one will help yah. " Draco said.

And Then Cormac scratched Harry's right arm a little bit.. 

Then they left harry in thr room of requirement alone. While his right arm still bleeding.

"Harry!!  Harry!! " Hermionie shouted.

"Miss Granger i found Mr. Potter. " Snape said in panic.

"Oh God!  Harry. His arm it's -- it's bleeding. " Hermionie cried. 

"Let's take him to the Hospital Wing. Right away. " Snape said in a curious way.. 

*After 5 Hours*
"Hermionie. Hey. " Harry said sadly.
"Your a-- awake. How do you feeling. " Hermionie cried.
"Is my -- my arm bleeding? " Harry cried.
"Yes. Still -- still bleeding. " Hermionie said with her lips formed a smile.
"It's Cormac. Who kidnapped me. " Harry said.
"I know. This is all my fault Harry. It's just i am scared for you. " Hermionie said looking at Harry's green eyes.

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