Chapter 13 - the not so new

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It's hard standing in front of the school that made your life hard.

I wanted to get back in the car and not come out. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of accepting the job.

I forgot about how scared I used to feel when entering the school. How scared I was of the rumors and the pranks that would come. I was especially scared of what Debra would physically do to me, she was the one person I wouldn't dare to stand up to as we shared the same blood. Her hits and punches hurt so much but they didn't compare to the humiliation and embarrassment I felt. Now that I think about, nothing has compared to it so far.

As we make our way inside the building, I note that people look more scared than amazed. Which makes a sense of pride and an ounce of happiness explode inside me. As long as I'm here, I might as well use this opportunity to show them I'm strong.

Therefore, Megan and I dressed in one of our most eye catching outfits we could find. Which included ripped skinny jeans, a crop top t-shirt, high tops, a see-through long sleeved shirt, and some medium heavy dark makeup.



Megan rolls her eyes, "What do you mean what? You stopped breathing for like straight five minutes." Her arms cross over her chest.

"I did?" I wipe the sweat from my forehead.

"Just relax," Jeremy engulfs his hand over mine. "Just remember that you aren't the same person you were a year ago. You are stronger." A cheeky smile appears on his face.

"Okay! I found it!" Jesse catches up to our pace. "It took me a while because someone filled my bag with tampons - Megan - " Megan smirks. " - but I found our finalized schedules for after school."

Jesse passes them out and I look over it. It seems that, for now, we have an hour everyday with different groups depending on the day and have an hour everyday with teenagers and adults separately. Just three hours everyday, no sweat.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Wop, there goes the bell. We better go get our class schedules."

"Or we can skip..." Megan trails off and then sucks her lip when we glare at her.

We walk inside the building and the (mostly) empty halls make my stomach churn. I bite my lip and lead the way to the main office where Mrs. Hatter,  the secretary, should be.

"What can I do for you?" Mrs. Hatter peers stud through her glasses, monotone. She has always been the same, no one has seen her smile ever. Once it was rumored that she liked the principal but it died down when she smiled at his funeral. But then again, it was a rumor so it could be false.

"We are new - "

Mrs. Hatter sighs and turns her chair around. She reaches inside an open drawer and takes out a folder. She flips it open. "Dark Moon Pack?" She looks up with wide eyes, posture turning rigid.

"Yes, I was going to explain that," Jesse seals his mouth shut. Most likely to prevent himself from insulting or scaring her. Which is probably for the best seeing as her head resembles white cotton. Not to mention she has so many veins showing on her forearms.

Her eyes avoid ours. "All the information is on these papers." She places a stack of papers in front of us and then takes out some blue paper with ink. "And the blue papers are for - for the - I mean your schedules. She quickly scans the documents, "Yes."

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