The Aftermath

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Princeton pulled out his cell phone. With all the drama that took place at the rink, he needed an escape. He dialed one of the few numbers - excluding family - he knew by heart. The phone rung twice then clicked over.

"Hello?" a bubbly female asked.

"Hey Boo," Prince whispered smiling.

“Jacob? Oh emm gee! Hi baby!” she squealed.

“What’s up?” Princeton asked.

“Nothin’ much, I miss you babe!” she whispered.

“I miss you too, so when you coming here to see me?” He asked, his voice lowering, to a silky, soothing whisper.

“When do you want me to come?” she asked, giggling.

“This weekend we free,” he suggested.

“Aight,” she answered.

After a few more minutes of little chit chat, they exchanged good byes.

“See you later, Jacob”

“Laters, Isis.”

Pleased with the results of his conversation, as he hung up the phone, he smiled to himself.

“What you cheesin’ for?” Ray Ray asked, tauntingly.

“None of your business,” Princeton claimed. “Where Roc at?” he asked.

“Where you think Roc at?” Prod asked, smirking, his rhetorical question heavy with sarcasm.

“Shut up,” Princeton muttered.

Roc laid on his bed in his room, listening to music and drawing. He had’t seen or spoken to either Kimberleigh, Rhian, or the boys. He crumpled up the paper he was drawing on and threw the wad into the waste bin, which now overflowed with paper.

“Roc, you cool?” Princeton asked from the doorway.

“I’m fine,” Roc said quickly, as he turned away from the door.

(Later that Night With Rhian)

Rhian laid in her bed, tissue in hand, crying. Bawling her eyes out. Why are you crying, girl, get yourself together. It isn’t like he said he liked you or anything, he was just being friendly. A little voice in her head reminded her. But that didn’t change anything.

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