Chapter 14

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February 14

Jungkook's pov

I was woken up by the morning light hitting my face. I start to stretch my arms as I yawned and got out of bed. I walked towards my night table where I usually put my phone and tried to turn it on to see if Mizu texted me, but it seemed like I forgot to put my phone to charge and it was turned off. I put the charger in my phone and walked towards the bathroom. After I took a shower, I put on my uniform and walked down the stairs to see my mom just finishing  breakfast.

"Good morning mom" I said as I sat down on the table.

"Good morning sweetie" she replied as she walked towards me with a plate of pancakes and eggs on her hands. She then placed the plate in front of me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. After I finished eating I kissed my moms cheek, said goodbye, put on my shoes, and left to school.

After school

As I got out of school, I searched inside my book bag for my phone. When I didn't find it I started to panic, but then I remembered that I left it at home charging in the morning.

Once I reached my house, there was a box on the front door. I took the box and entered my house. Since the box had my name on it I opened it. Inside there were 2 photos and a letter. The first photo was of me at around the age of 10, and a girl with brown hair and dark brown eyes on my back. The next picture was of the same girl, but older. After I examined the pictures a bit, I felt a sense of familiarity. I then opened the letter.

'Kookie, this is a picture of you and I when we were younger, and a picture I took 2 months ago.

- Kim Mizuko aka Mizu'

I then remembered her, my first love. A smile took complete control over my face. My mom once said that I met her when she was only 5 months old and since then we grew up together. I ran up to my room and turned my phone on. Once it did turn on, there was a message Mizu sent me.

Mizu: Bye Kookie. I love you. Take care

That text really got me confused and worried. I tried to figure out a meaning, but the conclusion my brain made cannot be true,

Jungkook: Mizuko, I remember you

Jungkook: I'm so sorry I forgot about you

Jungkook: And what do you mean by your last text

I waited and waited, but she never saw my text

3 days later

Unknown: Jungkook, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Mizuko has just passed away

I looked at the text over and over again as my brain tied to process what it meant. It can't be true. It just cant. As tears blurred my vision, I looked for Mizu's contact number and messaged her.

Jungkook: Mizuko, it's not real right. It's a joke right

 Jungkook: You're alive not dead

 Jungkook:  Please answer me

 Jungkook:  I love you. Please don't leave me

The end

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