The Zoo🦁🐷🐙🐻

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When Dan woke up he decided to pay Phil somewhat of a surprise visit, it was rather early in the morning so Phil would most likely be waking or still in bed. Dan was going to make the boy a picnic,and maybe they would visit the zoo.

Dan moved around the kitchen gathering ingredients to make sandwiches and a bit of fruits salad along with chips. Once every thing was finished Dan figured he should call Phil and make sure he wasn't busy. Though when the boys talked the night before Phil commented that he was having a lazy day. Dan had planed the same,but after Phil had been so excepting and kind to him,Dan wanted to do something nice for him and what better than food and animals.

Dialing Phil's phone number Dan soon heard the familiar sound of his friends voice."Goodmorning Danny,how can I help you?" Phil questioned with a tiered voice that's made dan worried he had woken the boy up.

"Hi Phil," Dan greeted him,it was rather obvious he was head over heels for the boy as he'd almost forgot the reason he called. Phils voice had something Dan absolutely loved,maybe how soft yet dominant and strict it was,Dan  could list to it for hours. "I was wondering if I could come over,maybe we could hang out somewhere?" Though he hates inviting him self over but he was desperate to see his crush again.

"Of corse,when will you be over?" Phil asked with a small yawn, he rather tiered as both of them had stayed up quite late. Phil didn't know how the little was so happy and energetic,he had been awake for almost an hour and thought about going back to sleep many times. But Phil still wanted the boy to come over,and any excuses to see the younger boy was used, Phil couldn't help him self. He wanted more than anything to spend all of his time with Dan,he seemed to constantly radiate happiness and cuteness,which Phil loved.

Dan responded with 'Soon' and the conversation  lasted a bit longer before they said goodbye. Phil began to clean his apartment,while Dan made his way to Phil, having to walk. He didn't mind though,the weather was lovely,and surprisingly it didn't look like it would rain and that made the boy happy. Dan never liked the rain,the loud sounds of thunder scared him,more so when he slipped in to little space. But Dan hoped the weather wouldn't change any time soon.

As Dan arrived at Phil's house he knocked softly on the door and soon heard Phil's foot steps coming to open it. The  door soon opened reveling Phil still in his shorts and a lost t-shirt,like dan asked him to dress.

Once the door was open enough Dan exitedly hugged the other boy taking in his warmth. Phil hugged him back before bringing the younger boy inside his house," Now what do you have planned today Danny?" Phil asked after asking the boy how he was l,and how his walk was. Dan wore a large smile that filled Phil with joy,he loved seeing the young boy happy.

"First off I'm making you we gotta walk somewhere, then maybe we could go to the zoo?" Dan shyly explained looking around Phil's apartment. There's were many small house plant around his house that Dan liked. But before Phil could respond Dan spotted Goose the cat sitting tiredly in the window,he got up going to the window to see the kitten.

Phil simply giggled at the younger boy who was holding the kitten to his chest.Phil decided the boys would go to the zoo,it would be fun for both of them and of corse mainly for the little."I think it would be fun to visit the zoo Dan." Phil told him happily, he was rather surprised the little had somewhat planned out the day for them. Thought he wasn't quite sure if it was a date or not Phil was still happy to spend the day with the other boy.

Soon after arriving Dan and Phil left Phil's apartment and began their journey to the zoo,which they decided to visit first."What animal are you most exited for Danny?" The oldest boy asked as Dan took locked their hands together.

"Umm I think the lions," Dan answered starting to swing their arms back and forth."Lions are my favorite!" He said with an excited giggle.

"Mine too," Phil said leading Dan down the street,"and bears,they are so cute." The two boys continued to talk about the animals they would like to see until they arrived at the zoo.

Dan of corse tried to to run in the enter as soon as they arrived but Phil held him back." Sweetie you have to wait,you cant just run in." Phil explained to the young boy who nodded and mumbled out an apology. "Its ok,lets go in though." Phil assured him as they made their way in to the ticket booth place.

"Hello how can I help you?" A kind woman that looked to be in her twenties asked them.

Phil smiled at the woman but got nothing in return from the grumpy person,"I'll take 2 passes for everything please,"Phil figured the Dan would want to come back to the zoo so It would be easier to buy passes. And they could visit the water animals with out having to buy and keep track of multiple tickets,Phil couldn't ignore Dans happy smile as he bounced up and down slightly.

The little was very exited,the passes meant they could visit the petting zoo,where they could also pet some sea animals too. Though he was a little upset over Phil paying,he was supposed to treat him to a special day but it seemed to be the other way around. And Dan told him that as they walked away," I'm really thankful for the passes but I wanted to treat you." He explained to Phil,who stoped and made the younger boy look at him.

"Dan,thats really sweet of you, but let me take care of you." Lately Phil's had been hinting he wanted to be Dan caregiver but was too nervous to ask.

Dan on the other had had been waiting sense he first met the other boy, it was rather obvious that he had a crush on Phil though he never really said anything. The boy who seemed to not like anyone was always around Phil,and over half the time they were touching or Dan was cuddled in to Phil.

Proving the point,Dan cuddled in to Phil's side smiling wildly as he said a quiet "Thank you"

"Good boy," Phil praised the little as he wrapped his arm around d his waist taking them farther in to the zoo."should we look at the lions first?" He asked knowing that what the boy wanted to see most.

Dan nodded his hard happily so that's where they went,stopping to look at the monkeys on the way. But they soon arrived at the Lions,squealing slightly Dan attempted to to run towards them but was stopped my Phil grip on his hand. "Dan sweetie,I want you to have a good time but you can't keep running away from me,you could get lost or hurt." Phil explained again,he really wanted the younger boy to be safe. Phil wasn't sure what would happen if Dan got hurt,he didn't want to know what Louise would do to him either.

Dan mumbled an apology and stayed at Phil's side as they walked over to the Lions. Squealing Dan pointed at them happily,"Phil look!" The little told his friend as he pointed to a sleeping lion.

The day continued like this,they stopped at various animal enclosures to look at them before moving to the next. When they arrived at the petty zoo part Dan quickly pulled his friend over to the tank where sea animals were kept."Phil can I pet the star fish?" He asked pointing to the animals happily.

Before Phil could finish tell him yes Dan had his hand in the water touching the animal. Phil laughed at the boy and followed him as they learn about the animals and pet them.

When both of the boys were finished at the zoo they left going to a small park near Phil's apartment. As they ate the food that Dan brought the boys made conversation talking about the zoo and eating to go back another day.

When all the food was gone Dan and Phil went some of the local shops to walk around. At the end of the day Phil walked Dan home,and they may have shared a kiss that left both of them dazed with numb tingly lips,but they were both happy.


Eww this was rushed and I hate the ending but I haven't posted anything in is while.... sorry about that.

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