Chapter-1-talked to a druid

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Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, Leon, Percival, Mordred and Elyan all went on a hunting trip. They had informed King Uther that they would be away for 3 days no more no less. However, they had caught a lot of game so they could not continue to hunt. They decided to just camp out and have a fue days off to just relax... if only that were possible.

"I'm bored!" Gwaine exclaimed.

"Nothing's changed there then" Merlin joked as he continued to cook the dinner. This was the 4th time Gwaine had complained about being bored in the last hour.

"We should do something" Gwaine suggested.

"What do you usually do when your bored Gwaine?" Leon asked.

"Go to the tavern."

"Anything else?" Percival asked trying to get an answer that was useful for once.

"Well when I'm at the tavern-"Gwaine started.

"Forget the tavern!" Elyan joked.

"No no! It's a good idea. As I was saying, when I'm at the tavern we sometimes play a game. There was no name for this game because one of my mates made it up ,so they call it Never Have I Ever. If you play strictly and honestly it can get pretty deep and interesting." Gwaine explained.

"Ok then, how do we play this game?" Arthur questioned.

"Its simple! There is a way that you can do it when the first to zero from ten loses and so on, but I'm usually out after ten questions." Gwaine laughed, ", So, there is another way. One person will say 'Never Have I Ever...' then something, for example... hmm, been drunk, then if you have you put your hand up, if you haven't you leave you hand down. Simple?"

"Sounds simple enough. Whose going to start?" Merlin asked as he dished out the food. He got quiet thank you's as he handed out the food and they all started to eat apart from Merlin who didn't even try to give himself or save himself any.

"I'll start ,but first ,Merlin why aren't you eating?" Arthur asked

"I'm not hungry" he responded quickly, almost too quickly. Arthur gave him a suspicious glance as he continued to speak.

"Never Have I Ever...-"

"Wait wait, you all need to swear to be honest and truthful even if it means serious consequences." Gwaine included.

"Serious consequences? What do you think is going to happen?" Lancelot joked.

"Trust me this game can sometimes take a wrong turn."

"Ok we swear to be honest and truthful." Every one nodded.

"I'll start again," Arthur looked back at Merlin, ", Never Have I Ever eaten today?"

Everyone put their hand up ,saying that they had eaten, apart from Merlin.

"Merlin? Haven't you had anything?" Mordred asked, he just shook his head in response.

"Merlin, you have to eat something." Percival offered his food to Merlin.

"No , I'm fine you need it more than I do. And like I said, I'm not hungry." Merlin said pushing the bowl back to Percival.

"I'll go next, Never Have I Ever...talked to a druid?" Elyan asked.

Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot and Mordred put their hands up.

(I know they all probably have but just imagine they haven't)

"Lies" Mordred joked telepathically to Merlin which caused them both to laugh.

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