Chapter Three

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The two Heathers and Veronica all sat down at their lunch table.

"It's so quiet today," Verionica said, breaking the silence.

"I wonder why." Duke spoke sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "God, they were so weak."

"What?" Veronica squinted her eyes with a puzzled expression washed over her face.

"Heather, Kurt and Ram. They couldn't handle life supposedly. It's not that hard to live." She said shoving a fork into her food.

"Heather, it's not as easy as it looks for most people." McNamara glanced over at her.

"How so?" She raised an eyebrow.

"It's just not that easy." Veronica cut in.

"Exactly." Mac said.

"So uh, do either of you want to sleepover at my house tonight?" The girl in blue proposed.

"Sure." Duke huffed.

"Yeah, could I get a ride from one of you? I don't want to take the bus." McNamara asked politely.

"Of course, just I have to meet up with my partner for history real quick." Veronica looked up at Heather M with a small smile. She scanned the lunch room but accidently made eye contact with JD. The two weren't exactly on speaking terms since Kurt and Ram's death but they did say a few words to one another between classes.

After the final bell rang, McNamara sat on the bench next to the bike rack outside of the school.

"Hey, sorry about that. Peter and I had to discuss some things." Veronica met up with Mac, a smile placed on her face. The two jumped into Veronica's car though not speaking much. "How's today been treating you?" She asked jamming her keys into the car, starting the engine.

"Good, as always." Heather fiddled her hands. "You?"

"It's been good for the most part besides the upsetting news..." She drove out of the parking lot and onto the main road. "What was with today?"

"What do you mean?" She turned her head towards the left.

"I mean, what happened to you today? All of a sudden you were out of it. I heard you scream, you were standing there frozen and afraid in front of the mirror. I didn't want to bring it up then because it just happened but I'd like to know what caused it." Veronica spoke in a sincere, considerate way. She glanced over at Heather with worry in her eyes. She had never seen her act in such a way.

"I'm fine, I was just spaced out. That's all." She spoke with a small smile.

"Heather, you screamed. You're not suppose to scream when you're spaced out."

"I said I'm fine!" Heather's voice screamed, filling the car which was followed by silence except for the sound of the engine running. Veronica kept her eyes on the road, not saying anything back.

The next five minutes were hell. It felt so awkward and confusing. Veronica pulled into her driveway, jumping out of the car. Mac hopped out, grabbing her bag. The two walked inside the house.

"We've been wondering where you were." Mrs. Sawyer greeted the two ladies.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Well we're going upstairs." Veronica took a few steps only to be stopped by her mother.

"Heather, you may go upstairs just give me a few minutes. I need to talk to Veronica." Ronnie's mom spoke politely.

"Yes?" She raised an eyebrow walking back over to her mom.

"You never told me Heather was coming over."

"Yeah, Heather and Heather are spending the night."

"Veronica. I've warned you before but I'm afraid that those girls are changing you."

"Mom, trust me they aren't."

"Well, what about Betty? She never comes over anymore."

"She's been busy, I guess." Veronica ran upstairs into her room. The door was left open but Mac wasn't seen. "Heather?" She wasn't worried, who would be? She was probably in the bathroom or grabbing a snack but there was no response. "Heather?" She said louder then noticed the window had been left open. Weird. She hardly ever opens her window, the last time it was opened was when JD payed her a visit. She ran over to the window, looking out into the yard. "Heather!"


Sorry for this shitty chapter, it took me a week or so to write. I promise the book will get better later on!

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