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"Sera, he's here!" Bobby's voice echoed through the house, and Sera felt like screaming. She thought she was ready, but apparently not. She crossed her arms irritably, as she was currently caught in a crossfire between Micah and Luca's arguement over what she should wear. She, personally, was completely fine in going in what she was already dressed in -- a black t-shirt and denim jeans, but her friends were having none of that.

"I'm gonna go talk to this Tony guy, and when I get back, she'd better not be wearing some sort of frilly dress, aight?" Micah scowled, and Sera's eyes widened when he turned to walk out the door. She knew what he planned to do, and in the heat of the moment, she leapt onto his back to try to stop him from intimidating Tony. The grown man yelped in shock as she clung to him, and spun around in an attempt to fling her off. "Get off, Sera!"

"No, you're staying upstairs with Luca!" She retorted quickly, knowing exactly what Micah planned to do when he met Tony. He was one of the scariest people she knew, and he could really amp it up when he wanted to. Even though she didn't want anything from Tony, she didn't want the poor boy to leave frightened out of his wits. "C'mon, Mickey, don't do this to me!"

"Why does Bobby get to meet him?" Micah yelled back, neither one of the pair aware that Tony and Bobby could see them fighting from downstairs. Overhearing their bickering, Bobby glanced at Tony with an awkwardly apologetic smile, and Tony smiled back with the same hesitance, feeling a tad out of place in the suburban Austin home.

"Cause Bobby doesn't want to embarrass me and won't make Tony piss himself!" She shouted, still hanging from him as they argued. Neither of them took what they were saying to heart, they were just aggressive towards each other as if they were siblings. She almost lost her grip on him and accidentally tugged at his dark brown locks, resulting in him gasping in pain. "Sorry! Maybe you should stop swinging me about and act respectable!"

"Respectable?!" Micah swung her around again, using his hands to try and pry her off of him. "You're the one who's clinging to me like a fucking chimpanzee!"

Tony watched them flying about upstairs, eyes wide and almost concerned for them. The foul words that escaped their mouths appeared harsh and inconsiderate, but neither of the young adults were phased by the insults they gave and received. He, being an only child, had never had anyone who he could fight with other than his father. He wished he had someone who he could argue with about stupid things and snitch on, but it was never to be.

"Fine then, you're not going!" Micah grumbled, and finally grabbed onto her legs, tightening his hold on her. Sera rolled her eyes and released her grip around his neck, reaching back for the stair bannister, holding it tight. She squeaked as she bent back, her legs still held onto by her overprotective friend. It was quite a sight, but they were too distracted to care. It was then when Sera finally looked downstairs. Within mere seconds, her eyes enlarged and her cheeks grew bright pink in embarrassment.

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