17: Texts

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Shawn: hey Claudia, you okay?

Shawn: Answer me

Shawn: please

Shawn: I need to know that you're okay...

Shawn: don't ignore me

Shawn: I'm worried about you.


Madison: Claudia? You okay hun?

Madison: hello?

Madison: are you there?

Madison: I'm coming over


Jack J: claudiaaaaa

Jack J: hey sweetie how are youuu

Jack J: don't ignore me babe

Jack J: honeyyyyy

Jack J: babbyyyy

Jack J: hey it's okay

Jack J: ignore everyone

Jack J: you're so much better than them


Stass: hey queen

Stass: don't listen to them, okay?

Stass: you are loved

Stass: you are perfect

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