A Thrilling New World

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A Thrilling New World

(A Graduation Poem)

Rain keeps falling thickly down my window pane

And I swallow hard

All the memories keep pulsing in,

and I fill with an utter disdain

Characteristic only of a broken heart

Sweet memories that find no end

All collected in one single item

I find them in my heart when I look at them

I find inflexible the idea of my thoughts to bend

As tears fall freely as they ever will,

I know that those days won't come back,

But I wait for them still

A quest we started and finished together

Rocks through some roads,

Roses through others,

And I push myself to think that moreover

Days will shape back to a similar mode

It's incredible the meaning of one single word,

It's amazing its reluctance to fall from my lips,

So much so that it tastes bitter in my tongue every time I think of it.

And I fall into a dark unending pit

Of a meaningless world,

In which I'm lost,

Without those who masterly guided me through it.

But I'm still here,

And so are them,

So in this audience of broken good-byes

My last wish before entering the maze of life

Is the best of lucks, in this stormy weather,

Because rain keeps falling down my window pane,

And I know the storm is far from being over

To play this is a very hard game,

But I rejoice in the wonders that from it we have gained,

Because thanks to walking through this endless hurricane,

I have met the most wonderful companions

I could ever obtain.

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