Having an Affair with My Soon-to-Be Stepdad [6]

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"Mom!" I shouted in disbelief.

"Honey, please...Don't argue with me this time. Jamie was nice enough to let us stay for a while...Don't look at me like that," she said, pulling out her phone to avoid my gaze. "Oh look at that!" she said suddenly. "Grandma's calling!...Hello?" she walked off, smiling at me in a suspicious manner.

I sat down with a huff and crossed my arms angrily. James came and sat down next to, with a Milky Way Midnight Chocolate bar in his hand. "Hey," he said, taking a bite with a grin.

"Don't talk to me," I mumbled, staring down at the floor.

"Why not? I'm doing you a favor," he said, laughing lightly. "Want some?" he asked, pushing the candy bar towards me. "Your mom told me they were your favorite."

"You already bit that you disgusting piece of-". Before I could say any more, he shoved the bar into my mouth. I spit it out disgustedly and turned to him disbelievingly. "What the f-? Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Had to shut you up," he said simply. He walked off towards my mother while I spit out the dark chocolate in my mouth.

"Well, our plane's here," my mother said cheerfully. She walked towards me to which I only stormed past her and to the terminal.


As I took the nearest seat to the window, James flopped down next to me. I rolled my eyes and ignored him, scooting towards the window, while I heard the flight attendant murmur something about buckling up into the intercom. I looked toward the belt buckle and grabbed at it quickly, having no previous experience with planes before.

James looked down at me disgustedly and grabbed it from me gently, having more mercy to the belt than my hand, which he clutched harshly. "It's like this," he said with a smirk, buckling the belt at the other side of my waist.

I smirked back, too embarrassed to do anything else. "Hey, hotshot, if you're so rich, why didn't we get 'cabin seats'," I said, sneering and putting up the quotes sign.

"Because Chrystal," he said, with much emphasis on her name I noticed, "didn't want me to burden myself with the expense." He paused and continued, "And trust me, I could have had it first class, baby. I'm a MPPE...." He looked me up and down and whispered, patting my head, "A Mileage Plus Premier Executive...Google it."

I rolled my eyes and turned away, not knowing what the hell he was talking about, and wondering whether I really should Google it or not. I looked out the window and gulped. We weren't even in the air and I felt like I was going to throw up already. I held my breath and hoped I wouldn't barf my first time on a plane.

I turned to James. He widened his eyes and said, "What?"

Without warning, I opened my mouth and let go.

"WHAT THE-!!!?"


Later that night, I slept on the couch. It was white leather, recently covered in plastic after my incident. I smiled to myself. I felt groggy and my stomach was still swirling, but I still celebrated my expert aim.

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