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"The place where you belong is here"

A velvety, smooth but at the same time authoritative voice spoke behind me and I turned around to face him.

The person that is standing in front of me can be best described as a piece of art that has been personally designed by the creator itself. His raven hair seems so silky that I am thinking how it is to be felt to run your hands through them. His pitch black eyes seems to hold many mysteries. Perfect eyebrows and thick, long eyelashes are just adding more beauty to his features. His plump lips are so pink that it is giving a shade of red that suits him so perfectly. He is wearing a white button up shirt and over it is a black long overcoat and at his bottom he is wearing black pant with boots at his feet. His whole aura screams mysterious yet comforting. It is obvious that I am already charmed by his beauty.

"I think you are liking what you see, princess"

His lips twitched to left side while saying this, obviously knowing that I was staring him up and down which obviously means that I was admiring his beauty.

"Yes" I said.

His smile widened more at my answer and before he could say anything I continued with a smile of my own plastered on my face,

"The view of the garden is just according to my liking"

I said while taking my eyes from him to the beauty of the garden. As I said that I again looked at his direction to see his reaction.

His lips formed a frown. I laughed internally knowing that I won.

"Well now if we are done sight seeing I would like to go back to my kingdom"
I declared.

"Princess, I think you have not heard me clearly, I said the place where you belong is here" He said in a monotone.

"I heard clearly what you said but I think so you didn't heard what I said"

If they are thinking that I will stay here even without putting a fight, then they are utterly wrong and I am more than happy to show them that they are wrong

"No, the place where I belong is my own kingdom and you can't just kidnap a princess or in the matter anyone else" I answered his earlier statement when he entered the garden.

"Princess, do as I say because this way it will be better for both of us" He pointed his finger towards me in a threatening matter while fear crawled inside my bones and my insides churned just by seeing his furious eyes.

He gritted his teeth and looked at me with muderous glare but I am the one who don't let her fear take over her. No body can order me around and I am not saying this because I am princess or above any other person but I am saying this because I have rights. My own rights and no body can snatch them away from me.

"The thing that will be better for both of us is that you set me free immediately " I stated and glared at him.

Now, I said while gritting my teeth but I think so that was a mistake doing so because the next thing I know is that I am being lifted by same person like a sack of potatoes. Caveman..

I pushed, kicked, wriggle everything that can be done to loosen his hold on me I did but no, instead of being his tight on me to loosen it only tightens.

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