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taehyung groaned when he felt the sun on his face. it wasnt long before taehyung heard his mother call him, "wake up, taehyung-ah!"

sunday wasnt any different from any other sunday taehyung spent. jungkook took him home, and he bought ice cream and spent the whole day at the park, occasionally playing with the rabbits and squirrels who would sometimes make their appearance known, and fed the ducks by the pond.

taehyung sighed but got up anyways, knowing if he didnt get up soon hed have to face his mother, and hes learned by now that he shouldnt push her buttons.

he picked out his outfit which consisted of an baby blue oversized sweater, a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a black choker (approved by hoseok of course).

he grabbed his bag and rushed down the stairs.

he greeted his parents and kissed both of them on the cheek, "good morning, mummy, daddy." taehyung grabbed a bowl and poured in some lucky charms, his favorite cereal.

he sat down next to his dad and grabbed the milk that sat in front of him.

"so taehyung, where were you on saturday?" mr. kim suddenly asked his son.

taehyuung, who was in the middle of swallowing a spoonful of cereal, began to choke. it was while until the choking subsided to soft coughing. taehyungs face and ears turned red at the mention of saturday, which made taehyungs parents raise their eyebrows in suspicion.

"i wa-was at a-a friends h-house." taehyung stuttered, face turning redder as he  remembered the events that played out two days ago.

"and, who is this friend?" taehyungs mother decided to butt into the conversation, "is he hot?" mrs. kim wiggled her eyebrows.

taehyungs eyes widened, "m-mum!" "honey!" the two men of the small family shouted at mrs. kim at the same time.

mrs. kim just giggled and turned back, continued to wash the dishes.

mr. kim turned back to taehyung and cleared his throat, "so taehyung, who is this friend?"

taehyung looked down at his hands and mumbled, "hi-his names j-jungkook."

"jungkook eh?" mr. kim raised an eyebrow, "i dont think ive ever heard of a 'jungkook' before."  taehyungs father looked at his son.

"were partners for a pro-project."

"are you sure youre just 'partners'?" mrs. kim asked in a teasing tone.

"y-yes!" taehyung shouted, feeling even more embarrassed than before.

"how cute!" mrs. squealed while drying her hands on a purple cloth, "dear, taehyung-ie has a crush on this 'jungkook'!"

taehyung whined and dropped his head into his hands when his father just chuckled and his mother continued to squeal and tease him.

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