A picture

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Soon the show ended. Everyone was signing playbills, or changing into there normal clothes. Daveed bought extra clothes to change into. I then walked to his dressing room, and I wasn't ready for what I was seeing. Daveed was shirtless.

"Note to self, knock next time." I said as I looked away from Daveed while my cheeks were a bright pink, but couldn't help getting a few glances at him.

"Yea." Daveed said as he put a tank top on. Now i'll probably get caught staring at his muscles.

"I'm gonna go sign some playbills, do you want to come with me?" Daveed asked me.

"Really, yes. Definitely!" I said, starting to act like a little child that has eaten tons on candy. Daveed laughed at my childish behavior.

"Then let's go." Daveed said, then put an arm around my shoulder which caused my cheeks to heat up. Then we walked out of his dressing room and through the stage door, then we were greeted with phones flashing and people yelling. Then Daveed pulled a sharpie out of his pocket and started signing playbills.

"Is that his girlfriend?"

"Does he have a girlfriend?"

"Those two look so cute together."

"I so ship them!"

"No, she's gonna take Daveed from me."

"But he was never yours."

"Shut up Heather."

This was some of the things I heard other then squeals.

"Excuse me, but can I get a picture of you two?" A woman asked me and Daveed.

"Of course." Daveed replied. Then Daveed pulled me closer towards him so I could be in the picture, but before she took the pic Daveed kissed my cheek. Then the flash went off on her phone. Then Daveed pulled his lips off my cheek.

"Thank you." The woman said. I was so flustered after that picture that when I tried to talk I would stutter. Then Daveed finished signing the playbills, so we went back inside the theater.

"Hopefully that picture will show up on Twitter or Instagram." Daveed said we walked into his dressing room, I then sat down on the couch that was in his dressing room.

"Me too, I need to have that pic in my photo gallery." I said.

"If I do see that pic, I just might change it to my background on my phone." Daveed said as he picked up his phone, then he smiled.

"Seems that lady posted the pic on instagram." Daveed said.

"Give me your phone, I want to see it." I said then Daveed handed me his phone. I then saw the pic, it was adorable actully. I saw that in the pic my cheeks were pink, and Daveed was just perfect in this picture. Then I read the little post the lady wrote for the picture.

"Went to saw Hamilton, and I got a pic of these two together. They look perfect together; I swear they are couple. Just got to wait til it's offical." I was then a blushing mess, then I handed Daveed back his phone.

"Did you read the post?" I asked him.

"I did, and I think we really do look perfect together." Daveed said with a smile trailing behind. My cheeks were now a bright crimson.

"Hey, do you want to go get something to eat?" Daveed asked.

"Sure, but after we do can we try to move more of my stuff into the apartment?" I asked.

"Yeah." Daveed said then he gtabbed his car keys. He, once again, putting his arm around my shoulder. Then we walked out of the theater and we got into his car.

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