8: groupchat

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Group chat
(Jack G, Jack J, Madison, Claudia, Stass)

Jack J: have you seen all of the pics Shawn liked Claudia??

Claudia: yeah why?

Jack G: we should add him into the chat

Madison: well Claudia is a huge fan of him, she'll probably shit herself

Claudia: no I won't , shut up Mads

Mads: yeah okay Clauds

Stass: I think we should add him though

Claudia: do whatever you guys want, I don't care

*Jack J added Shawn Mendes to the chat*

Shawn: hello?


Shawn: hey guys

Jack J: welcome Shawn

Stass: heyyy

Madison: hewo

Shawn: helloooo

Madison: wait wait, where did Claudia go?

Shawn: wait Claudia's here?

Claudia: hi

Shawn: oh hey

Jack J: Claudia tell Shawn about yourself

Stass: stop making this awkward

Claudia: um I'm not really that interesting but I listen to your music and I'm a big fan

Shawn: aw thanks

Jack G: okay now we're all best friends

Madison: okay that works for me

Claudia: same here

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