When Dervinias arrived at his house, Cheverly got out of her car and walked toward him.

“You took a big risk showing up here. What do you want?” he asked. 

“Cheese, Dervinias. I need to know your plans—for me . . . and for Michael.” Her long hair had been pulled back into a ponytail and she wore her red coat. Cheverly radiated youth and beauty. 

He smiled. She was the best of the best of all his followers. Dervinias wanted her to be the mother of his new race. He picked her up, in his arms and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Many passionate minutes later, their lips separated. Chev’s breath came quickly, her heart pounding against his chest.

Dervinias studied her face a moment before he said, “Why don’t I take you inside and demonstrate.” 

“It’s about time,” she said, pressing her mouth to his again. 

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