Chapter 17

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~Y/N's POV~

"It's Daniel." Scott said and I could feel Ariana tense immediately underneath me as she stood up, placing me down on the swing gently. Her anger vanished. She looked petrified and I started panicking looking at her state. I stood up, looking at Ariana and Scott exchange glances between each other. Scott handed the phone to Ariana. Shira came to stand beside me, looking equally confused.

Ariana clutched the phone in her hand, talking to whoever it was and then hung up after a few seconds. She looked at me, and I tensed, not knowing what was going on.

Ariana told Scott something before gesturing for me to come over. Shira went over to Scott and soon all of us were out of the party. Shira had removed the whole costume, dumping it in the back of the car. She was wearing normal clothes underneath. I knew something was wrong with the deadly silence and the permanent frown that was etched on Ariana's face as she drove, glaring at the road.

I was sitting beside Ariana and Shira and Scott were sitting in the back. Scott was constantly attending multiple phone calls. 

"When did this happen?" Ariana asked all of a sudden, breaking the silent atmosphere. Scott said nothing.

"WHEN did this happen Scott?" Ariana asked again, her voice louder and strained. Her jaw rigid and her eyes narrow. I was so used to seeing Ariana in a happy state that seeing her like this scared me. 

"Yesterday." Scott answered quietly.

Ariana cursed profusely under her breath, honking the car as she hit the steering wheel with anger. My heart beat wildly with fear for her as I looked at her in this state. She turned around, and looked over at me and I looked at her, thinking of a way to calm her down. Suddenly, her hand intertwined with mine and she placed our connected hands on her lap. She breathed out a loud sigh, resting the back of her head on the seat, looking much calmer now.

"Don't let go of my hand." Ariana said, softly just for me to hear and I nodded, happy that she is much calmer now. The car came to a halt and all of us were soon getting down. Immediately after we got down, Ariana pulled me towards her side, connecting our hands once again before walking inside the hospital. 

Why are we in a hospital?

I looked over at her, and her eyebrows were furrowed, her jaw rigid, making her look tough. But, I could see plain fear in her eyes. They shone brightly as we walked along the corridors. 

"Ms. Gra—"

"Ariana. Ms. Ariana." Ariana said and the lady pointed to a door far behind. Soon, we were walking towards the door. Ariana was walking so fast as she rushed to the door and opened it. There was a lady lying on the bed on the white hospital bed. She had short black hair, smooth skin. There were wrinkles near her eyes.There were many wires connected to her body and I felt bad for her even if I didn't know her. She was not awake. And the constant beep of the monitor was filling the whitish-blue hospital room. I recognized her as her mother immediately.

I looked over at Ariana who looked so vulnerable, her eyes fixated on her mother. Suddenly, her eyes filled with tears but they never fell down. My heart broke in to two seeing her this way and she let go of my hand, walking out the room quickly. I didn't follow her. She needs some time alone. I saw Scott and Shira looking at the woman on the bed and I walked over to them. I looked on either sides of the corridor to see Ariana completely missing. My heart sank and I worried for her.

"Her mother had a heart attack yesterday." Scott said and I nodded silently, looking at the woman who gave birth to a wonderful woman. 

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