Chapter 4: three years

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Jessies pov

Three years have past. I am now 19 and still dont have my wolf. At the camp, I made some friends. The three I first met Jordan, Shauday, and Shaunty. After the rogue attack, many of the rogues in the camp treated me as family. They said that they owed their lives to me for protecting them from the resent rogue attacks that were slowly killing them off.

But as the years went by, many found their mates, a pack and a family to stay with. So now its just Jordan, his sisters, Angelina and I. We continued to be rogues. Not wanting to be in a pack from our past experiences from being in one.

Right now, we are walking in the woods, watching out for hunters and wild rogues. Angelina held my hand as we walked. She was a early shifter. Her wolf color was a dark brown almost black color. We trained one another how to fight in human and in wolf form. But since I can't shift I only fight in human form. Whats weird is the fact that I partially shift. Which means my nails turn to claws my teeth sharper and canines longer and the wolf ears and tail.

Yup....pretty weird right? The ears and tail came like a few weeks later...anyway, we are randomly roaming into packs. Mainly to go into pack community stores to buy clothes..don't ask were the money is from.

"Guys, we're near the blue moon pack's borders." Jordan notified as we walked closer to the sky blue flag. Pack's usually have color flags to warn others that you are close to pack borders.

Suddenly, a huge grey wolf amerged from the trees. Stopping right in front of its pack borders, it snarled and bared it's teeth at us. Angelina growled back at the wolf.

The wolf shifted and pulled on clothes that where in the near by bushes. "What is your business here rogues?" The male growled out. He was tall with short curly brown hair. A Phoenix tattoo on his right arm and a star with a name next to it was on his hand.
"Sorry, but we need clothes and-"
The man cut me off.

"I assume you are going to ask for food, water and clothes correct?" The male said in a much kinder voice than before. He seemed relaxed, like he's done this before. We only nod our heads as an answer. "Wait right here.." The man said walking away from us. This pack seems much kinder than the other packs we've stopped at. He was back less than five minutes later. "Here, clothes that might fit ya, the back pack is full of bread, meats and other can foods along with ten bottles of water... go before you get caught.." The man said while jogging into his pack lands.

" than I thought he'd be.." Shauday says as we start walking away from the pack borders. "Yeah, that was different." Nodding my head in agreement as we continue to walk.


Soon, the sun was setting and we set up our little camp. Wow. That guy from earlier was very generous. He over loaded the back pack with food that would last us at least six weeks!

I made a fire pit and lit a fire.
"What do you guy's want to eat for diner to night?" I say as I look up at the group. "Hot dogs and porkin beans!" Angie yelled exitedly while she bounced up and down beaming at me. "Alright, hot dogs and beans it is." Jordan said while taking out a pot for the beans. We dont have pans. So we take the metal sticks that we randomly found, cleaned them off, then put the hot dogs over the fire to roast.

The food was done, so we got our bowls and startes to eat. Since the canned beans were the big kind, we all were full. After cleaning up, we got in our tents. We all have our own tents...all except for Angie, she shares a tent with me.

We crawled inside the tent and into our sleeping bags. "Do you think that we will ever be in a pack?" Angie asked. She was the one in the group that always wanted to be in a pack. We aren't stable. We constantly move around. And we always stick together, like a family would. We bonded together like brother and sisters. All we have is each other. Like a pack. "Maybe...we just have to see what the future holds." Wow, I sound like my great grandmother. "Hehe, okay." She giggled as she turned onto her side and whipered a 'Good night' to me. "Have sweet dreams Angie..." I say trailing off at the end. Slowly falling into a peacefull sleep with a slight smile on my face.

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