Chapter Two : darkness

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Jessie's pov

I walked through the forest. So far, I've counted that I'm at least twanty miles from my packs borders. And I've been walking for two hours. I mostly ran though.

I was startled out of my thoughts when a big black wolf jumped from the bushes and onto me. I had no fighting experience what so ever, so I was mortified. With all the strength I had, I kicked the wolf off me.  It slid on its paws before coming at me again. This time, I side stepped it and ran as fast as I could. But since I was slower than the average werewolf speed, the wolf caught me again. It jumped on my back and dragged me to god knows where.

I. Am. So. DONE. I mean, my parents are dead, I was beaten every day of my life, my mate rejected me and threw me out the pack, and now a  rogue is trying to eat me?! I AM DONE WITH LIFE!

Anger coursed through me. I snarled at the wolf and kicked its muzzle. It then let go of my shirt and whined loudly before growling at me. I growled back with power rolling off me in waves. How am I growling if I dont have a wolf? What is happening? I thought as the wolf whimpered and shifted back to a man.

I quickly looked away from this mans naked body, slightly blushing. "Wha- what are you?" The male said after putting on shorts that came out of nowhere.

"I'm a werewolf.." I said in a 'duh' tone. " are alpha?" The male said with wonder in his voice. His face scrunched up in confusion while I snorted and rolled my eyes.
"I am not an alpha. More of an omega." I say as I look everywhere but this male that was standing right in front of me.

Tears threatened  to fall but I blinked them away. Ever since I was six, My pack treated me like trash. My parents where the alpha couple. So basically, I do have alpha  blood in me. But, since my pack acussed me of killing my parents, the beta became alpha.

"Hmm. Didn't seem like it." He said, a frown on his face. "So what pack are you from? I know you have a pack. I know damn near every rogue out here in nomans land. But I never saw you before..." he trailed off, lost in his thoughts.

I stayed silent. Should I tell him? Con's: I don't know him.
           He tried to kill me.
          And he is a rogue.

Pro's: Part of me trusts him.
          I dont know where I am.
         He could help me out.

Thats all the pro's and con's I could come up with. It left me confused. Part of me trusts him. But another part tells me to run for the hills! So this I have to figure out quick.

I was ripped out of my thoughts when someone snapped there fingers in my face. "You okay? Kinda....zoned out there sweety...." a girls voice startled me. I let out a growl and jumped back. My nails elongated into claws. My canines became longer and sharper. I could tell my eyes shifted color, but payed it no mind.

"Whoa what in tarnations?! I thought you said she didn't have a wolf?!" The girls jumped back at the same time. Both looked exactly alike. Both was the same hight, with the same same eye color and hair color. But ones skin color was brown, while the other was a dark brown.

"I dont have a wolf. But if you take another step, I wont hesitate to rip your arms off then feed you to your rogue friends.." I growled out. They looked scared as they backed away form me.

I closed my eyes and calmed my nerves. When I was finally calm, I looked at the three people in front of me. "Okay...that was scary...and don't do it again." One of the twins said and the other nodded her head in agreement. "C'mon, we have to go back to the others before they worry. By the way, my name is Jordan. Jordan Amberlight." He held out his hand for me to shake it. I took his hand hesitantly.

"These are my sisters."

"Hi, I'm Shauday.." Shauday glanced at her sister knowingly.
"And I'm Shaunty..." I shook there hands also.

"Jessie...Carlyle" I slowly.

They gasped and looked me up and down before looking at one another. "You mean the Jessie Carlyle. As in the six year old girl that murdered her parents Jessie Carlyle?!" Shaunty nearly yelled. A snarl appears on Shaudays face. "You're... that girl is you?" Jordan asked.

I growled. Does everyone know about that? I didn't kill them...why would I. My life was fine, I was happy but then the killing everyone thinks Imma cold blooded killer.

"Wh- who told you that?"

Jordan growled. "That stories been around for years. As kids we heard of the Gold Stone murder. I didn't  believe it...but I guess its true..." he said in a low tone. His canines now visible to the eye, and he look ready to shift at any moment to protect his sisters.

Is this how poeple saw me? As a monster? A killer? Tears streamed down my face, onto the forest floor.

"I was out back playing. My mother had just brought me back from a local park that I loved to go to. And after, we would stop at a icecream shop then go home." I shook my head, as a lifeless laugh left my throat.
"As I played out back my father walked out and asked how my day was going. And laughed when he tickled me half to death." My chuckle was bitter and dark. "Then they apeared. The rogues. Father told me to run and mind link the pack for help. It was three or four rogues. I remembered how they snarled at me, as if they dared me to make a move. And when I did run, all hell broke loose. They ambushed my mother and father. Then one got to me. The rogue bit into my arm and legs, as it dragged me away from the front door..." I rolled up the sleave to my right arm to show them the scars that littered up and down my arm. They winced as they looked at the damage that was done. Then I showed them the scars on my leg. I watched as they cringed and look away.
"My mother stopped the rogue from killing me. And as I hid, I had to watch my parents die. I had to watch them take one last breath. And then felt my bond with them shatter. I knew then and there that they were dead...then I got blamed. I was abused and beaten to the verge of death because they believed that I killed my parents...the alpha couple..." they gasped at me.

I collapsed to the ground. More tears streamed down my face, almost like a water fall. The pain, hurt, anger, hatred, and emptiness, I kept inside spilled out in a wave of emotions. It flooded my system. I then felt someone rap their arms around me and pulled me into a comforting hug. Slowly I rapped my arms around the persons waist and sobbed into their chest.

"Its okay. I promise it'll be okay."
Jordan coed as he tried to calm me down. When I did, he let me go.

I stood up and looked at the girls who where both sniffling and wiping their eyes.

"Y-you went thr-through all that?" Shauday asked still sniffling. "Yes. In all my seventeen years in existants all every body did was judge me and didn't listen or hear the true story. And I was whipped, slapped, punched, threw around and disregarded by my pack. They made me omega, the lowest rank in the pack.  I was put to shame for something I didn't  do." I say to them as we walk to their camp.

         ~*~*~time skip~*~*~

The camp was big. There were other rogues here. Considerably young ones. I'm guessing ages from ten through twenty. As we past many of them had curious glances while others didn't seem to care.

We continued to walk until a big tent came into view. I could hear the bickering going on inside of it. I stopped and looked at the three in front of me, they stopped also. "It'll be all right. My friends bicker alot." Jordan says as he takes my hand and pulls me in the tent.

"Guys! Shut up already! We have new meat.."


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